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Use marketing automation, shared data and lead scoring to increase lead generation and nurture your leads.

Customer Insights

Help your teams build lasting customer relationships with insights that provide a 360-degree view of each customer’s buying journey.

Customer Voice

Create and send surveys to your customers to collect feedback about your products or services. Store the results in Dynamics 365.

Sales Professional

Manage your customer relationships, close deals and increase your company’s revenue, without ever leaving Microsoft 365.

Sales Enterprise

Get more features for Dynamics 365 Sales such as forecasting, lead management, email intelligence and sales playbooks.

Remote Assist

This mixed reality application will allow your staff to share hands-free, real-time views of their work in remote locations.

Sales Insights

AI will help you detect changes in buyer needs and trends that a human being can’t. Your salespeople will be able to act on opportunities a lot quicker.

Customer Service Professional

By combining your customer data with the right technology, you can get new insights into customer behavior. Improve your team’s performance and reduce costs.

Customer Service Enterprise

Larger organizations get access to more functions to improve customer service, such as embedded intelligence, a unified service desk and context-driven suggestions.

Customer Service Insights

Use the power of AI to improve customer service. Analyze support cases and resolve issues before they affect your customers and your support staff.

Power Virtual Agents

Your customer service teams can create virtual agents to identify and automate common support problems.

Field Service

Detect and solve service issues before your customers even know there’s a problem. Dispatch your technicians where they’re needed most.


This mixed reality application lets operators learn while they work by providing step-by-step instructions on holographic icons.


Get a clear view of your financial operations with interactive data that will help you make the right decisions for your company.

Business Central Essentials

Run your entire business with a single application — from Sales to Finance to inventory management.

Business Central Premium

Get all the functions available in Business Central Essentials plus Manufacturing and Service Management.

Supply Chain Management

Run a more efficient and profitable warehouse using AI predictive insights and the Internet of Things.

Project Operations

Make sure your projects are delivered on time and within budget with this end-to-end project application.


Get all the tools you need to build and operate a digital commerce. Respond to your customers’ needs on all levels and build better relationships.

Fraud Protection

Protect your business from fraud with a complete set of tools that protect purchase transactions, accounts and losses.

Human Resources

Optimize your HR programs, improve productivity and help employees grow.

Power BI

A business analytics tool that analyzes and models data with interactive visual reports, dashboards and stories. Helps you present data in a simplified format and understand it to make improvements easier.

Power Apps

An intuitive platform with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to build a user interface for a mobile application and add controls such as choice fields and text boxes. Users can create and run apps on web browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome or use them on iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Power Automate

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, this product allows users to build customized workflows, set up alerts and create automated emails. No coding required. Save time, reduce human error and simplify your processes.

Power Virtual Agents

Non-technical users can build virtual chatbots or agents from scratch and monitor their performance. Manage the entire development life cycle of a chatbot, from the information flow to the development stage, all the way to deployment on a channel like Teams. No coding required.

Note all applications shown on this page are subject to change without notice.

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