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Adam Harrington, President of Firelink Consulting, knew he needed a strong security offering to protect his clients’ Microsoft 365 tenants from cyberattacks but struggled to find the right solution.

A Sherweb partner since 2017, Firelink Consulting provides application and security services along with technical support for approximately 60 SMB clients. While security has always been a part of their offering, Harrington was looking for a solution that allowed them to take a proactive approach, was affordable and simple to implement.

Harrington has a background in Information Security and sees many smaller organizations overlook Microsoft 365 security.

Finding the perfect fit with Office Protect

To ensure his clients were set up to meet the challenges of an evolving security landscape, Firelink Consulting decided on Office Protect, Sherweb’s in-house security software.

Office Protect offers a proactive approach to security and provides MSPs with effortless 24/7 security and monitoring for Microsoft 365. As a backend tool that requires no end client intervention, it’s the perfect solution for MSPs who want to strengthen their security offering and get up-and-running quickly.

Beyond functionality, Office Protect offers MSPs an affordable security solution to bundle with Microsoft 365. This means reliable revenue and good margins for MSPs looking to enhance their security offering.

Peace of mind for MSPs

A main challenge that Harrington had in the past was dealing with the constant flow of alerts from Microsoft 365, especially from a security perspective. 

This is where Office Protect really shines for busy MSPs. Office Protect Core offers around-the-clock threat protection, monitoring, alerts and reporting services, all from one portal. Office Protect Alliance has the added benefit of managed detection and response (MDR) from Sherweb’s security experts to free MSPs from the cycle of constantly monitoring alerts. 

Beyond giving Harrington some time back, offering Office Protect has saved Firelink from having to add up to two full-time employees to manage the growth they’ve seen in the past year. Leveraging the Sherweb team of experts with Office Protect has ensured that they can continue to offer the same level of service to their clients while only getting involved when they need to be.

Essential addition to any MSP security offering

Overall, Harrington sees the benefit of Office Protect as twofold—protecting his clients’ money and reputation while also providing those same benefits to MSPs like himself. 

As far as future growth for Firelink’s use of Office Protect, Harrington expects the demand will continue to grow from his clients as security needs change and evolve across industries. 

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