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SherWeb helps Calgary MSP streamline client migrations to Office 365

Manual data migration is a tough job. Just ask Scott Gallupe. The Calgary-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) can’t even count all the hours he used to spend migrating his clients’ data to Office 365.

For Gallupe, manual migration was a laborious process. First he had to transfer client wp-content on a POP3 or IMAP system by exporting them to a .PST file before the final push to a mailbox in Office 365. Although no data were lost, the process was extremely long and tedious.

It wasn’t until 403Tech, a Microsoft partner, migrated its own data to Office 365 that it began to see all the advantages of working with SherWeb under the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The CSP allows SherWeb resellers to take advantage of its free migration services and technical support for Office 365.

Reduced Cutover Time by 75%

Gallupe said having SherWeb handle its client migrations helped 403Tech reduce cutover time by 75% per user. This means it now takes only 15 minutes per user compared with the hour it took to do a manual migration. Gallupe said this is one of the reasons 403Tech has been actively pushing Office 365 to all its clients.

Exchange Server Too Expensive

One customer, a commercial tent manufacturer, ended up saving a lot of money by switching to Office 365. The company had been hosting its email with GoDaddy for about ten years and had considered upgrading to an Exchange server. However, it was leery about paying the $10,000 server price tag, plus $4,000 for the software licences. Added to that was an extra $2,000 a year for server maintenance. What the company didn’t realize is that it could get Office 365 for free as part of its Managed Services contract with 403Tech. Gallupe said his company provides its clients with Office 365 mailboxes as part of its Managed Services offering.

SherWeb’s Billing Easier to Manage

Gallupe said SherWeb’s user-friendly client interface (Cumulus) and personalized service is a far cry from the kind of service he’s had as a Microsoft partner.

Speedy service from SherWeb’s migration team is also a plus.

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