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When you have customers lining up to get their hands on Office 365, you want to be sure your cloud provider can deliver the goods. William Kinirons, a Florida-based MSP, found himself in this situation earlier this year. When his provider didn’t move fast enough, he made the switch to SherWeb. Eight months later, his company posted a profit increase of 320%.

Mr. Kinirons is the president and founder of BMK Media, an IT Solutions Provider based in Coconut Creek, FL. The company, which has been in business since 2004, joined SherWeb’s Partners First program last March. Since then, its net profits have risen by more than $6,000. While this kind of profit may seem meager to some people, BMK is quick to point out that it’s a sizable amount for a small company.

Former Provider Resisted Change

Mr. Kinirons said BMK had been working with another cloud provider for a few years, but found its reseller program hard to deal with.

Mr. Kinirons said although BMK’s initial provider was able to offer his clients dedicated servers, they were essentially individual physical or virtual machines that weren’t designed for multi-tenant use and weren’t centrally manageable. He said the provider just wasn’t up to scratch with the new technology and he was relieved when he found someone else.

3 Reasons to Choose SherWeb

Mr. Kinirons said he researched several cloud providers, but kept coming back to SherWeb for three specific reasons

  1. Easy access to technical support
  2. Great migration services
  3. A strong partner program

Mr. Kinirons said once BMK signed up to Partners First they were given immediate access to a dedicated sales rep who responded to all their questions about pricing models and upcoming offers.

Migration Fit for a Rock Star

Mr. Kinirons also liked the way SherWeb’s migration team was able to transfer his clients to Office 365.

He noted that a number of his clients are still working with on-premises servers, but he plans to sell them on the cloud once their physical machines are ready for retirement.

Aside from a worry-free migration, Mr. Kinirons said many of his clients also reported cost savings by moving to SherWeb. For example, his clients now pay a lot less for mailbox storage.

A Strong Partner Relationship

SherWeb offers its resellers margins of up to 43%. However, Mr. Kinirons pointed out that that his company was more concerned with developing strong relationships with its customers and its cloud partner.

Mr. Kinirons is also confident that SherWeb’s partner program will help him grow his business.

The Winning Formula

So what’s the winning formula for a successful cloud business? According to Kinirons, it’s finding a good cloud partner and making sure your customer will really benefit from the products you’re offering.

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