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Travis Street was still in college when he started offering home-based IT services in his Muncie, IN neighborhood. It didn’t take long for him to figure out he could make a living from his small business. Three years later, he hired his first employee and in 2003, Complete Technology Solutions (CTS) was born.

CTS is a consulting firm that offers managed IT services including network cabling, a help desk, voice and video, email protection and offsite backup. Travis has 75 customers in Indiana, with 5 to 200 employees. He currently employs 5 people.

Customers Started Asking for Voice over IP Ten Years Ago

Street is very aware of his customers’ needs and has always been an early adopter of new technologies. So when the first Voice over IP and SIP applications were released, he developed an interest for Private Branch Exchange solutions. Convinced he could get his share of a market that was dominated by major telecom providers, he took the leap. Along with the wiring, network design and configuration, CTS also provided local phone system equipment.

Although these vendors deliver reliable phone system hardware, not all of Street’s customers were able to afford such PBX solutions. Also, there were upfront costs for ordering and shipping the equipment, which CTS and its customers had to cover. Street would only get the full payment after the project was delivered, which meant it could take weeks to get a return on his investment. This was due to delays in shipping hardware, setting it up and configuring all phone services.

Poor Experience with a Renowned Hosted PBX Provider

Because he wanted to satisfy more customers who were adopting SIP services, Street started looking for less costly solutions. That’s how he built a list of potential hosted PBX providers.

He picked a renowned vendor and signed up as a reseller. However, after reading the fine print of the terms and conditions, he soon realized he had made a mistake. He found himself lost in the abyss.

A lack of technical support was another issue. Street thought he would have easy access to technical assistance, but it didn’t happen. Instead, he had to learn how to program the phones and the auto attendants by himself.

The pay CTS received just wasn’t worth the effort it was putting into each project. The company had barely cut its service delivery time and wasn’t getting much from its relationship with the provider.

When CTS Approached SherWeb, It Was Not for Cloud PBX

80% of the products and services CTS provides are Microsoft technologies. The company has been doing a lot of SharePoint development and local SQL Server deployments. Street has also taken advantage of the hype and success of Office 365.

Like many other MSPs, Street was baffled because he had to spend a lot of time reconciling monthly billing information for each Office 365 client. Even after the CSP program was introduced, he was still struggling. He was looking for a solution when he heard that SherWeb provided a centralized portal for Office 365 resellers. He joined the Partner Program.

A few months later, SherWeb launched its Cloud PBX solution. When Street heard about it, he provisioned the solution for his company.

After testing the product, he started offering it to his customers. CTS is now making 11% of its SherWeb billed revenue from Cloud PBX. This includes the Office 365 seats he already has, plus Azure and Hosted Exchange.

Street is making more new customers and can’t wait to transfer clients from his previous provider to SherWeb Cloud PBX. To avoid penalties with that provider, he has to wait for each contract to expire, another condition he regrets committing to. The good news is, his clients won’t have to change their phone numbers, as SherWeb allows number portability from any provider in the U.S. or Canada.

CTS Is Now Providing a Better Service and Making Higher Margins

There are more good features that come with SherWeb Cloud PBX. Not only is it easy to sell, but partners are free to develop and bill other services around it. Street said CTS makes more money working on Voice over IP projects end to end.

SherWeb Cloud PBX allows CTS to provide its clients with a complete internet phone system that responds to all business needs. Because Cloud PBX comes with more than 40 features, every client is guaranteed a maximum return on investment, thanks to options like: Audio Conferencing, Auto Receptionist (IVR), Voicemail to Email, Hunt Groups, Call Forwarding and Fax to Email.

All PBX and end-user configurations can be done from a secure web dashboard. The phone service is billed monthly and includes unlimited continental minutes. SherWeb Cloud PBX is built with redundancy and can be used from any internet-connected device, which covers businesses for all mobility and disaster scenarios.

Company’s Future Is Bright with SherWeb

Ask Travis Street to compare SherWeb with his previous hosted PBX provider and there is little doubt where his loyalties lie.

Street is also enthusiastic about SherWeb’s partner program. CTS has been able to save on time-consuming billing and account management activities. This gives the company more bandwidth to follow up on prospects and make new deals.

Street sees a great opportunity in his partnership with SherWeb. There’s no doubt CTS is on its way to achieve more success and grow. SherWeb Cloud PBX is an evolving product that will soon allow more integration with popular cloud platforms.

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