The ultimate IT service management platform for MSPs

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Managing your IT services
has never been easier

C2 MSP is the ultimate customer-centric solution that helps you maximize the value of your services and provide exceptional support. Deliver the right service at the right time to all your customers.


Deliver unmatched IT services

It’s often difficult to find a quality management solution that is affordable, efficient and above all, all-in-one. We’re happy to offer you this fully automated tool designed specifically for MSPs and not requiring any coding skills.

All-in-one solution

Includes all these features: incident, change, problem, service, asset, request and workflow management; automation, CMDB and self-service portal.

Affordable ITSM

Take advantage of our extremely competitive rates. No more overpriced ITSM solutions and service centers; C2 MSP is offered at an accessible price point. On top of that, no license is required for your external customers.

Centralized asset management

C2 MSP is both a CMDB solution and a powerful asset management tool. Your customers will be able to centralize the data related to the IT assets and you’ll benefit from a comprehensive view of several aspects of their business, such as their licenses and contracts.

Hassle-free implementation

Don’t worry about configuration; this solution doesn’t require a single line of code. Implementation is easy and quick. Delivering phenomenal IT services has never been simpler!

Benefit from this incredible rate!

This solution’s been designed by Sherweb specifically for its MSP partners. You’ll be able to:

  • Track the resolution time of helpdesk tickets
  • Document activities from a single platform
  • Access real-time performance reports
  • Simplify warranties tracking and contract renewal process
  • And much more!

Named license:


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*Mandatory professional services not included: training, configuration and data migration

Why should I partner up with Sherweb?

Enhance your experience with our partner portal

Add and manage users and cloud solutions within an intuitive interface. It’s easy to keep track when everything is in one place.

Increase customer retention

Offer an unparalleled quality service. Do not lose customers because you cannot meet their expectations and ensure the growth of your business.

Work with our team of experts

Take advantage of Sherweb’s 24/7 support, implementation expertise and extensive training. Benefit from our SOC 2 type 2 + ISO 27001 certified infrastructure.

Meet market demands

As part of our continuous improvement program, enjoy numerous updates and trainings and actively participate in the improvement of the platform.

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