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Is your MSP having trouble managing its IT team and incoming requests? Would you like to know how you can provide the best user experience to end customers while also increasing productivity and reports at a low cost?

Well then you have come to the right place. This article will introduce you to an ITSM solution that can help your team with these common pain points and more.

C2 MSP is the solution for MSPs who want to significantly increase their customer experience, productivity, and profitability.

IT professionals can spend up to 40% of their days on common technical challenges. An ITSM solution like C2 MSP can shoulder that responsibility and help IT teams concentrate on higher ROI tasks all while saving you money.


What is an ITSM solution?

ITSM (IT Service Management) is a strategic, process-based approach to handling IT that consists of policy driven grouped activities. Defined requirements help IT groups develop, design, deliver, execute and manage their IT services.

ITSM can be used for the maintenance of customer-facing IT infrastructure and applications as well as for any internal services.

ITSM gives users quick access to information related to organizational knowledge and processes no matter the time of day or location. Self-service ITSMs use a query-resolution process and provide efficient and empowering customer experiences.

Not only do automated ITSMs provide a great way for your users to find answers to common questions, but it also helps your IT teams find time to tackle more strategic problems.


Self-service integrated into your ITSM platform can unlock tremendous value for your business.


C2 MSP is an all-in-one ITSM cloud solution

C2 MSP combines automation, flexibility, and customization to help successfully manage customer and internal processes to improve overall efficiency.

C2 MSP an automated ITSM solution tailored for MSPs, allowing it to provide the right service at the right time. Some of its key features include:

Pre-configured & automated workflows

Take advantage of the automated workflows and business processes that were specifically designed for MSPs. You’ll be more efficient, reduce costs and improve your month-end billing processes.

Branded client portal

Enhance your customer experience with a centralized and standardized process to submit and manage tickets. Your customers will find it easy to submit their requests through the C2 MSP client portal. No license is required and it’s free for your customers to use.

Customizable platform

Use codeless configurations to adapt the platform to suit your specific needs. Find out how easy it is to prioritize customers and manage support tickets that meet your service level (SLA) requirements.

Stay connected

Use our API integrations to connect all your favorite tools, such as remote monitoring and management (RMM) software and accounting solutions. You’ll unify your daily operations, save time and improve customer experience

Monitor your operations

Use powerful dashboard and reporting tools, project management and CRM features to get a clear view of your operations. Manage your customers’ requests and time spent on support tickets and assets. You’ll improve your efficiency and customer service.

Centralize your customers’ assets

Use the configuration management database (CMDB) to manage your customers from one central location. Get a clear view of contact renewals, procurement, licenses, planned maintenance  and more.


“C2 MSP is a modern and simple ITSM that automates, standardizes, documents and tracks all of an MSPs time-consuming tasks, without having to hire more staff.  Saving our partners time and money, allowing them to focus on their business.” Matthew Cassar, Sherweb’s Co-CEO.


C2 MSP works hard so you don’t have to

C2 MSP is the solution for MSPs who want to significantly increase their customer experience, productivity, and profitability.

Managing IT services for multiple customers can be complex and costly for MSPs. ​That’s why C2 MSP is here to alleviate some very common MSP challenges related to:

Customer experience

C2 MSP provides a centralized process for customers to submit tickets​, simplifying and enhancing the end user’s experience.

This also benefits your team by streamlining your support team’s operations. You can manage your prospects and customers from one central location with this system.

It can prioritize customers and manage tickets based on SLAs. It can also help your MSP when it comes to the tracking of all customer activities and sales leads​.

Also, the kind of integration that this software offers means fewer resources which in turn translates to fewer issues and errors.

With Integration and connectivity to all needed MSP apps, C2 MSP allows for process automation that simplifies user experiences and results in higher productivity.

It is truly an all-in-one tool, which means team members are not bombarded with routine requests across the system. This saves not only time and money, it also powers business growth via improved SLAs on customer requests.

Processes and workflows

C2 MSP optimizes workloads so you can do more with less.

It’s common for MSPs to struggle with multiple tools for various functions and suffer due to the lack of integrations​. When planned and deployed, C2 MSP is here to reduce time-consuming tasks that burden and waste time for users.

This powerful tool takes care of time-consuming manual IT tasks by helping you document processes in one easy-to-access place that can be followed by your entire team C2 MSP’s Workflow automation streamlines activities, approvals, and forms.

Use it to have a clear view of contract and warranty renewals, license management, planned maintenances for customers and more. Tasks like generating records, notifying users about time-sensitive approvals, automating tasks using scripts are only a few examples of what C2 MSP can do.

Allowing you to benefit from greater increase savings and increased operational effectiveness via codeless automation, tailored customization, a one-stop self-service portal and integrations to the apps you use.

Reporting and KPIs

C2 MSP can be customized to work for you and your organization.

C2 MSP offers No Code customizations. Idiosyncratic problems that may or may not be solved via an off-the-shelf solution can be taken care of using C2 MSP. That means an organization does not need to change processes because the system cannot.

C2 MSP also allows you to incorporate your branding.  You can set up the look and feel, you know your users want and need. This freedom will reflect on positive customer experience and retention.

With C2 MSP, you have access to CMDB and asset management tools for efficient management and real-time visibility. Not only that, but the software also offers a simple end-of-month reporting on time spent by helpdesk on tickets per customer as well as dashboards and reporting tools to get a clear view of sales, project management and operational KPIs.

Managing IT services for many different customers can be costly and complex for MSPs

C2 MSP is very affordable, fast and easy to implement with all the High levels of availability and security (SOC II type 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001 Certified infrastructure) needed for a cloud-based offering.

MSPs who want to significantly increase their customer experience, productivity, and profitability need to look no further than this tool.


C2 MSP offers MSPs the power to manage their business, save time and increase their operational effectiveness


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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb