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Email is frequently ground-zero for data breaches caused by both internal and external threats. Businesses must contend with mountains of spam, bulk mail, phishing scams and employee fallibility, while also having to ensure compliance with data and privacy protection regulations. It’s a lot to manage!

Proofpoint simplifies email security for clients, and helps you keep their data safe and secure. With expansive capabilities for email protection, compliance and continuity, Proofpoint enables you to cover critical cyber security pain points and grow your business.


of sensitive data stored in the cloud is found in email (Symantec, 2019)


of malicious email attachments are Office files (Symantec, 2019)


of business email received in 2018 was classified as spam (Symantec, 2019)


share of malware found on Windows OS in 2019 (Symantec, 2019)

Use Proofpoint to complete your security offer & add value for clients

Your cyber security offer simply isn’t complete without a solution for email protection. Any cloud reseller providing managed security services should cover all the bases! Adding Proofpoint to your product lineup can help complete your security stack and give your business new opportunities to show added value for clients.

Shield clients from security threats

Email is the #1 vector for cyber attacks. By keeping clients’ email secure, you can give them peace of mind & help their business run efficiently.

Solve clients’ #1 email issue

Spam is the worst! Proofpoint’s filtering capabilities & policy creation features combat clients’ top email headache & lets them get back to work.

Layer solutions & differentiate your offer

Supplementing clients’ cyber security with integrated third-party solutions is a best practice. Take a layered security approach to set your offer apart.

Work with a partner dedicated to your success

Get the most out of Proofpoint email protection by collaborating with a value-added cloud solutions provider that’s committed to helping your business grow. Benefits of becoming a Sherweb partner include:

Business critical products & solutions

Our adept team hand-picked the best products & solutions, so you don’t have to

Extended team of cloud experts

Lean on our skilled architects & technical support experts to resolve issues quickly

Training & strategic consulting

Take advantage of our expertise with hundreds of learning resources

Targeted sales & marketing content

Delve into a partner toolbox designed to empower your sales & marketing

Try our Security Foundation Assessment

Looking for a tool to help you decide which security issues you should focus on, or what products you should recommend to improve cyber security for clients? Look no further than our Security Foundation Assessment.

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