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JP Mercier

3 Brilliant Ways to Improve Marketing with CRM

You can’t sell without prospects. How can you possibly attract potential leads to your business in the first place? By using Dynamics CRM as part of your marketing strategy. [+]

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Simon Langlois

3 Major Reasons to Upgrade Your Exchange Seats to Office 365

Exchange hosting may have been your cash cow during the last few years, but it’s not going to hold water in the future. Microsoft’s CSP program now gives MSPs the opportunity to offer high-end services to their customers without having to invest in costly infrastructure, updates and security. [+]

Exchange Online Protection . O365
Sadissa Babeni

How Small Businesses Can Deal with Ransomware

You know that losing even a small number of files can be critical for your activities and can badly affect your reputation. With ransoms reaching thousands of dollars, paying may simply plunge your finances into a disastrous situation. Your best option is to protect yourself from ransomware. [+]

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Deploy CRM Online
Sasha Kalevar

3 Common Pitfalls of a CRM Deployment

How much do you know about using a CRM? A lot of people are discouraged because they think a CRM is too difficult to use and deploy. We thought we’d set the record straight. Here are 3 common pitfalls of CRM deployment and how you can avoid them. [+]

Azure . Cloud Support . IaaS
Guillaume Boisvert

Microsoft Azure Arrives at SherWeb and Joins Our Family of 24/7 Supported Products

Born in the cloud, SherWeb has the cloud smarts to help you succeed with your IaaS projects. Discover how we can help you make sense of Microsoft Azure. [+]

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Jason Brown

SherWeb Wins Microsoft Cloud Productivity Award

SherWeb won the Canadian Impact Award for Cloud Productivity Innovation. We were also named as a finalist for the Modern Marketing Innovation award and the Worldwide Hosting Partner of the Year. [+]

Partner Network . Partners First . Sales Strategy
Mathieu Leblanc

7 Top KPIs to Measure Your Success in the Cloud

Here are seven Key Performance Indicators that will help you measure your success in the cloud. [+]

CRM Online
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JP Mercier

Leveraging Dynamics CRM Online for Your Sales Efforts

Want to keep your sales team happy? Teach them more about CRM Online. Anyone who’s ever worked with a Customer Relationship Management Tool knows how useful it is to keep track of clients throughout the customer journey. From the pre-sales stages of Marketing all the way to Customer Service after the sale, a CRM’s main focus is the customer.  [+]

IaaS . Managed Services
Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Support and Managed Services: Which is Best for the MSP?

By joining forces with a trusted cloud provider, you can actually open up new ways to increase your revenue and be even more valuable to your clients. [+]

Disaster Recovery . IaaS . Veeam
Guillaume Boisvert

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule and Why Does Your Business Need it?

Discover what the 3-2-1 backup rule is and why it remains the standard for any organization looking to protect their data. Learn more & get protected today! [+]