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Difference between Veeam Backup and Replication

What is Veeam Backup? What is Veeam Replication? Which is the right solution for you? We’ve put together a simple guide that will empower you to make an educated decision on a backup and/or replication solution for your business. We will define the options, discuss their recovery efficiencies, present their costs, and outline their benefits. [+]

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Establish Business Rules for Dynamics 365
Frederic Charest

Setting Up a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Practice

The Microsoft Dynamics suite of products, especially CRM and AX, has been placed front and centre of the strategy ever since Satya Nadella took over the chain of command at Microsoft. Billions of dollars have been spent on acquisitions, restructures, adoption funds, incentives, biannual software updates, etc., to boost cloud adoption. [+]

MSP . Online Backup
Guillaume Boisvert

Making Profits with Online Backup

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Cyril Courrée

Get Started With The New SMB Offer For Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

For a limited time only, all new SMBs that subscribe to a CRM solution will get the Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service Enterprise plan for a special price. [+]

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Frederic Charest

Social Selling and Insights with LinkedIn and Dynamics 365

You no longer control sales, marketing, customer service, or product and service development. Your clients have taken over. They have stopped passively soaking up sales pitches and are purchasing only the services and products you choose to propose. Customers are now active participants in your business operations. Through the influence of networking and social media, clients can make or break you. [+]

Windows 10 Webinar
Simon Langlois

Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Webinar FAQ

We received many important questions during our recent webinar on Windows 10 Enterprise E3. We thought that if our webinar participants are asking these questions, they’re probably of interest to other people in the IT industry. That’s why we created this FAQ blog. [+]

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Veeam Offsite Backup Best Practices

Veeam Offsite Backup Best Practices

Offsite backups are no place for errors. Unfortunately, companies make simple offsite backup mistakes on a daily basis that impact their businesses in the long term. Knowing the guidelines of offsite backups will make a big difference in the safety of your data. This article will help you follow best practices so you can avoid common mistakes and end up finding out you were not properly protected. We will look at five best practices, discuss the consequences of the potential errors, and outline the solutions that could save your backups. [+]

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Dynamics 365 Complete Solution
Cyril Courrée

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Access and Owner Teams

Teams in Dynamics CRM puts a set of users in one group sharing a set of permissions. With teams, you can easily share business objects and collaborate with users across multiple business units in the organization. A team belongs to a business unit. However, users from different business units can be in a group, and a user can be a part of multiple teams at a time. [+]

Free MSP MasterClass presented by Sherweb, Microsoft and CompTIA
Jade Bérubé Morin

Free MSP MasterClass presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTIA

Microsoft, CompTIA and SherWeb are offering you the chance to be a part of a great workshop series called the MSP MasterClass. We’ll give you access to 5 live conferences presented by sales and marketing experts in the cloud industry. [+]

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Frederic Charest

Calculate ROI for Your Dynamics CRM Project

It is becoming more and more common to use analytical CRM systems in business these days. Such systems study customers’ behavior, needs, and preferences in ways that help businesses make smart strategic decisions for the future.  [+]

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