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How We Moved from TFS to git – Part 2: Owning git

There are two new key concepts to absorb. Hasty learners who do not take the time to assimilate them will be left behind. Introducing git is not the purpose of this post. Rather, we will map git concepts to TFS concepts. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Windows Server 2016 Now Available in Performance Cloud

Can’t wait to test Windows Server 2016? You’ll be happy to know it’s now available in Performance Cloud! You can deploy Windows Server 2016 virtual machines in minutes in our IaaS control panel. [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

How to Get Your Sales Reps Excited About the Cloud

Many of our partners have asked us a lot of questions about compensation. While there’s no magic equation to find the best plan for your team, there are good practices you can follow to stay competitive, keep your sales team interested in cloud services, and thrive. In our new white paper, we’ll show how to do this. [+]

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Jason Brown

How MSPs Can Survive the Latest Cuts to Microsoft’s Advisor Program

As of October 1, 2016, you will no longer earn the Sell and Accelerator incentives for these solutions as a Microsoft Partner of Record (POR). That’s right. Microsoft is pulling the plug. [+]

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Simon Langlois

How SherWeb Handles Data Privacy with Microsoft’s CSP Program

Because customer data is at the core of the CSP program, it’s important that we clarify a few things about privacy and security. [+]

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Sadissa Babeni

Windows Server 2016: Delegating Privilege with Just Enough Administration

For some years now, Microsoft has been insisting that Windows administrators use the principle of least privilege, user account control (UAC) and role-based access control (RBAC) whenever possible. With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft takes this vision one step further. It’s a brand new concept for Active Directory environments: Just Enough Administration (JEA). [+]

Cloud Servers . IaaS . Windows Server 2016 . WS2016
Guillaume Boisvert

Introducing Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 hits the market this week! Since Microsoft first launched its Technical Preview in October 2014, the interest for this new server operating system has been growing, largely because of its long list of exceptional features. [+]

Developer . git . TFS

A New Dev Series: How We Moved from MS Team Foundation Server to git

From the start of the integration of continuous integration and delivery, TFVC has not delivered in terms of branching, tagging and team collaboration. With new developers joining our team with diverse experience in using git and migrating from TFVC to git a choice needed to be made. The department decided on git and nobody misses TFVC. [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

New Jersey MSP Boosts Monthly Profits by 40%

When you’re running a one-man IT consulting company, every minute counts. You can’t afford to waste time ordering new hardware or running to customer sites in the middle of the night. This was Taylor Maneri’s story and after four years of running solo, he felt it was time to raise his game. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

4 Things to Consider When Combining Office 365 and Remote Desktop Services

Looking to run Office 365 in a Remote Desktop environment? Let SherWeb help with these pointers that could help save you a lot of trouble! [+]

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