Cloud Servers . IaaS . Windows Server 2016 . WS2016
Guillaume Boisvert

Introducing Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 hits the market this week! Since Microsoft first launched its Technical Preview in October 2014, the interest for this new server operating system has been growing, largely because of its long list of exceptional features. [+]

IaaS . Office 365 . Remote Desktop Services
Guillaume Boisvert

4 Things to Consider When Combining Office 365 and Remote Desktop Services

Looking to run Office 365 in a Remote Desktop environment? Let SherWeb help with these pointers that could help save you a lot of trouble! [+]

Developers . SherWeb
Stéphane Guillemette

SherWeb’s Developers Spill the Beans

Want to learn more about the challenges of building a web portal for your customers? We’ve got the answer. Having trouble with new technology? We’ve been there. [+]

Hosted Exchange . Office 365
Simon Langlois

3 Major Reasons to Upgrade Your Exchange Seats to Office 365

Exchange hosting may have been your cash cow during the last few years, but it’s not going to hold water in the future. Microsoft’s CSP program now gives MSPs the opportunity to offer high-end services to their customers without having to invest in costly infrastructure, updates and security. [+]

Gabriel Blais Bourget

One Does Not Simply Ignore the Persistence Details

It’s possible to ignore the implementation details of the persistence mechanism, but it’s impossible to ignore that there will be persistence. Here are two reasons why. [+]

Cloud Computing . Partners First
Sadissa Babeni

3 Ultimate Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer about the Cloud

We’ve just released a new eBook called Cloud Computing 101. It’s a crash course that will help you feel more confident about discussing the cloud with your executives, clients, staff or family. Our eBook takes a deep dive into cloud computing and explains the differences between the cloud and traditional IT. [+]

Azure . Cloud Support . IaaS
Guillaume Boisvert

Microsoft Azure Arrives at SherWeb and Joins Our Family of 24/7 Supported Products

Born in the cloud, SherWeb has the cloud smarts to help you succeed with your IaaS projects. Discover how we can help you make sense of Microsoft Azure. [+]

Developers . SQL
Martin Roy

Message Queuing, SQL Transaction Levels and Deadlock Hell

Cumulus is SherWeb’s customized platform. It was developed in-house and relies on messaging to communicate between its different modules using events. [+]

CRM Online
JP Mercier

3 Brilliant Ways to Improve Marketing with CRM

You can’t sell without prospects. How can you possibly attract potential leads to your business in the first place? By using Dynamics CRM as part of your marketing strategy. [+]

CRM Online
Banner CRMOL-for-Sales
JP Mercier

Leveraging Dynamics CRM Online for Your Sales Efforts

Want to keep your sales team happy? Teach them more about CRM Online. Anyone who’s ever worked with a Customer Relationship Management Tool knows how useful it is to keep track of clients throughout the customer journey. From the pre-sales stages of Marketing all the way to Customer Service after the sale, a CRM’s main focus is the customer.  [+]

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