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Guillaume Boisvert

Microsoft Azure Arrives at SherWeb and Joins Our Family of 24/7 Supported Products

Born in the cloud, SherWeb has the cloud smarts to help you succeed with your IaaS projects. Discover how we can help you make sense of Microsoft Azure. [+]

CRM Online
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JP Mercier

Leveraging Dynamics CRM Online for Your Sales Efforts

Want to keep your sales team happy? Teach them more about CRM Online. Anyone who’s ever worked with a Customer Relationship Management Tool knows how useful it is to keep track of clients throughout the customer journey. From the pre-sales stages of Marketing all the way to Customer Service after the sale, a CRM’s main focus is the customer.  [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Support and Managed Services: Which is Best for the MSP?

By joining forces with a trusted cloud provider, you can actually open up new ways to increase your revenue and be even more valuable to your clients. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule and Why Does Your Business Need it?

Discover what the 3-2-1 backup rule is and why it remains the standard for any organization looking to protect their data. Learn more & get protected today! [+]

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Sadissa Babeni

How Small Businesses Can Deal with Ransomware

You know that losing even a small number of files can be critical for your activities and can badly affect your reputation. With ransoms reaching thousands of dollars, paying may simply plunge your finances into a disastrous situation. Your best option is to protect yourself from ransomware. [+]

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Deploy CRM Online
Sasha Kalevar

3 Common Pitfalls of a CRM Deployment

How much do you know about using a CRM? A lot of people are discouraged because they think a CRM is too difficult to use and deploy. We thought we’d set the record straight. Here are 3 common pitfalls of CRM deployment and how you can avoid them. [+]

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Stéphane Guillemette

What’s New in Our Partner Portal

Learn more about the new support features in the SherWeb partner portal. [+]

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Jason Brown

SherWeb Wins Microsoft Cloud Productivity Award

SherWeb won the Canadian Impact Award for Cloud Productivity Innovation. We were also named as a finalist for the Modern Marketing Innovation award and the Worldwide Hosting Partner of the Year. [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

7 Top KPIs to Measure Your Success in the Cloud

Here are seven Key Performance Indicators that will help you measure your success in the cloud. [+]

Performance Cloud . Veeam Cloud Connect
Danny Lamontagne-Cyr

Why Veeam Cloud Connect Is Your Safest Bet for IT Service Availability

We trust Veeam solutions for our critical backup and recovery operations and are now offering you a virtual machine backup option with Veeam through the cloud. [+]