SMTP . Windows Server
Rick Barber

The Ins and Outs of Microsoft SMTP Server

Chances are that if you have a Windows cloud server, you’ll want to send email from it. Fortunately, Microsoft includes a free SMTP server. Unfortunately (at least for most people), it’s not installed by default! The good news is that installing a SMTP server is a simple process. Here’s how. [+]

Change Management . Process
Change Management Process
Sadissa Babeni

8 Ways to Supercharge Your Change Management Process

Change management is responsible for controlling the lifecycle of all changes, and for ensuring changes are made with minimum disruption to IT services. [+]

Étienne Bonin

As The Global Spam Problem Evolves, So Does Our Anti-Spam Arsenal

Organized criminal spamming groups have adapted to recent improvements in spam filters by sending short bursts of spam to evade filters. On average, spam filters take five minutes to respond to a new campaign. [+]

Channel . Partner Network
White-labeling or co-branding?
Majd Madina

White-Labeling vs. Co-Branding, Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Lately, there has been a lot of hype around white-labeling in the channel: as more companies move away from traditional IT and switch their business to the cloud, the market has never been so suitable for white-label services.  [+]

IT Nation . Partner Network
IT Nation 2014
Majd Madina

Reinventing Your Business – IT Nation’s Key Takeaway

The booths are now packed and suitcases are ready to go. Over a thousand peeps are flying home after another great edition of IT Nation with this year’s conference theme of reinvention still fresh in their minds.  [+]

Peter Viola

Using FTP User Isolation to secure your IIS 8 site

FTP User Isolation is one of the best ways to secure your IIS 8 FTP site and prevent users from accessing restricted content. Whether your Windows Cloud server provides dedicated hosting or shared hosting, leveraging FTP user isolation will provide an additional layer of security over the standard authentication and authorization. [+]

Award . Talkin' Cloud
Talkin' Cloud Top 100
Majd Madina

SherWeb Ranks Again on the Talkin’ Cloud 100, But…

This week, Penton's Technology Group released its Talkin' Cloud 100 report of the top 100 cloud service providers. We’re proud to rank once again on the list; this time at position 33. However, we aren’t fully comfortable with our Talking Cloud ranking (and no, it’s not because we didn’t rank first). Here’s why… [+]

Case Study . Partner Network
Forte Case Study
Sarah Busque

From Happy Customer to Thriving Partner, One Move to Gain a Competitive Advantage

They say you can’t judge someone until you’ve walked one mile in their shoes. That’s one thing Forte Computer Services has known for a long time, and the cornerstone of how it developed its business. Dealing with providers itself, FCS knows that although it takes good products, services, and solutions to draw customers in, it also takes flawless support and continuous follow-ups to retain them.  [+]

AWS Re:Invent . Cloud Servers
AWS Re:Invent 2014
Guillaume Boisvert

As Thousands Are Expected at AWS re:Invent 2014, the Current Frenzy Around Public Cloud is Reconfirmed

Cloud enthusiasts. Amazon partners. Technology vendors. Exhibitors. IT pros. It’s up to over ten thousand individuals who will flock to Las Vegas this week for Amazon’s AWS re:Invent 2014, making it one of the biggest events in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) industry. The popularity of this conference confirms the importance of IaaS on the overall IT market. [+]

Cloud Servers . Microsoft
Guillaume Boisvert

SherWeb Latest Inductee to Microsoft’s Cloud OS Network

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the latest batch of providers to be accepted into its Cloud OS network. Thanks to our Performance Cloud, SherWeb now ranks among this elite group of providers that have been recognized for their leadership and competencies in using Microsoft’s cloud platform. [+]