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Move to the cloud in 2015
Benoit Meilhon

Time to move to the cloud is… now!

Cloud used to be just a buzz word to sell a concept. Now, it’s everywhere. In both our personal lives and spreading throughout organizations in different industries. This leaves the same question hanging in our minds: how can I make the most of it? [+]

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Four Questions You Should Ask Every Cloud Provider
Sarah Busque

Four Questions You Should Ask Every Cloud Provider

Assessing cloud providers can be hard. With many of them promising the moon when they can’t offer it, it’s normal to be skeptical. Plus, there is the lingo. How can you be assured their claims are true when you don’t understand the acronyms and different certifications that make a provider reliable? [+]

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Goodbye 1024 bit encryption (Firefox)
Yves Landry

Mozilla Takes Web Browsing Security to a New Level

Mozilla just released version 36 of its popular web browser Firefox. This new release introduces an important change. Some weak security certificates are no longer trusted by the browser. Why is this of interest? Well it’ll change web browsing for over 20% of web users. That’s one in five! [+]

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Windows 10
Guillaume Boisvert

We Deployed Windows 10 on our Public Cloud – and It Was Pretty Fast!

If you’ve been living under a rock during the last few weeks, you probably haven’t heard about Microsoft’s newest version of its Windows OS. The tech giant has recently made Windows 10 available as a technical preview. This means anyone can install a version of the OS on their personal computer and give it a test drive. Although this isn’t a final version of the operating system, it includes some of the big new features that will be available in the next version. [+]

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Philippe Pépin

Remote client IP identification using F5 NLB

Are you struggling to identify the IP traffic secure on your servers? When using a F5 NLB at the edge of your network, you won’t be able to identify on your servers where the traffic is coming from. That is unless the protocol can support adding the proper headers to leave a trace of the original IP address. Any traffic received by the server appears to be coming from one of the load balancer IP addresses, which makes it impossible for you to identify the real source of traffic. [+]

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Rémi Nadeau

Disaster Recovery in a Nutshell: How Does It Work?

Disaster recovery. The IT industry’s latest buzz words. Although a popular subject, many of the articles out there are not providing accurate or enough information to demystify the concept. How does one explain disaster recovery to a SMB owner or an organization’s President without confusing them more than clarifying? Or without boring the hell out of them? Here’s my attempt.  [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

GC Brieau Saves the Day with SherWeb’s Cloud Servers

GC Brieau, a reseller with SherWeb’s Partner Network, recently learned that a little determination goes a long way as it helped one of its clients migrate to SherWeb Performance Cloud. Firm President Marc-Antoine Brillant had been talking to this client for several weeks about making the move to the cloud, as its Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS) was getting older by the minute. It was just a matter of time before it crashed. [+]

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Unlimited cloud storage
Simon Langlois

Is Cheap and Unlimited Cloud Storage Bad News?

Everyone can agree, storage quotas for cloud services are increasing very quickly. And this means only one thing: cloud storage is getting dirt-cheap. This is nothing new, as organizations have been getting more and more gigabyte (GB) for their buck in the past months. Some of the industry’s biggest cloud players, like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been engaging in a war on storage. Who will include the biggest quota at the lowest price? And who will cut down prices to low prices we've never seen before?  [+]

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Tradeshow 10 commandements
Majd Madina

The 10 Commandments of the Successful Trade Show Attendee

Fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat is in the upright position. Trade show season is about to take off. Isn’t this exciting? Networking opportunities, cross country trips, new IT trends -- you name it! [+]

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OWA for iPhone and Android
Yves Landry

Outlook for iPhone and Android, Brace Yourselves for Awesome!

Our mailboxes are complex, dense and rich in information. Projecting all that on a small screen isn’t easy. But there’s good news. Microsoft just came out with a new app that will give your mobile mailbox a bit of breathing room. It’s called the Outlook for iPhone/iPad or Outlook Preview for Android app. [+]