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Guillaume Boisvert

SherWeb Latest Inductee to Microsoft’s Cloud OS Network

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the latest batch of providers to be accepted into its Cloud OS network. Thanks to our Performance Cloud, SherWeb now ranks among this elite group of providers that have been recognized for their leadership and competencies in using Microsoft’s cloud platform. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Servers Performance — Are Providers Really Living Up to the Expectations?

Cloud computing is being hailed by KMPG as the top technology most likely to drive business transformation in the next three years. And one-quarter of global tech business leaders claim the key benefit of cloud technology is increased efficiency. [+]

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Sarah Busque

A Business Data Horror Story: What’s Keeping your IT Techs up at Night?

This may – or may not – come as a surprise to you, but the number one fear that’s keeping IT techs up at night, the experience that they dread more than anything else is data loss. Two small words that encompass a wide variety of emotions, from frustration to panic, all the way to despair.  [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Servers Benchmarks – Day 3 (C-Ray)

What defines a good processor? GHz and core numbers, obviously. But it’s also defined by the amount of different cache levels and underlying infrastructure. A well-rounded CPU will perform best, even when certain specific tasks are more heavily impacted by other components of the server such as RAM.  [+]

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Sadissa Babeni

Migrating to the Cloud — How to make even reluctant-to-change users look forward to migration

Migrating to a new platform is a challenge. Not only because of its technical aspects, but mostly because it brings change to end-users. And let’s face it: most end-users don’t like change unless it makes their day-to-day work easier or more interesting. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Servers Benchmarks – Final Day (Apache HTTP Server)

Unlike our earlier benchmarks which focused on specific s server features such as CPU and storage, the Apache Compilation and FFMPEG benchmarks provide more of an overall view of how efficiently the components of the different systems work together on real-life tasks, offering greater insight on the server’s practical performance.  [+]

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Olivier Pidoux

Cloud Servers Benchmarks – Day 2 (Flexible IO Tester)

Storage is more than just high-capacity hard drives storing your organizational data. It also has to offer sufficient performance to efficiently handle the high demands of business applications. But what exactly are we looking at when we test storage? [+]

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Yves Landry

Fun Hobbies and Full Stomachs – What Fuels the Creativity of SherWeb Employees

At SherWeb, we enjoy the good things in life: fast computers, cutting-edge technologies, running for charity on a sunny day, home cooked meals, and friendly colleagues. Most weeks, Jean-Nicholas Bernard makes up crazy menu ideas for him and a few other SherWebers. [+]

Benchmarks . Cloud Servers
Olivier Pidoux

Cloud Servers Benchmarks – Day 4 (FFmpeg)

We measured how quickly various cloud servers could convert video using FFmpeg, a popular cross-platform solution. Converting videos requires billions of individual processor instructions and operations. It is a true, practical test of CPU architecture and power.  [+]

Benchmarks . Cloud Servers
Guillaume Boisvert

Cloud Servers Benchmarks – Day 1 (RAMSpeed)

When we officially launched our new Performance Cloud Servers last week, we promised to provide a full week of benchmarking results comparing our performance against big-name providers. Here is our first benchmark relating to RAM performance. [+]