Data in Canada . Office 365
Simon Langlois

Your Office 365 Data: Now Hosted in Canada

Microsoft has just opened two new datacenters in Toronto and Quebec City. If you buy Office 365 today, you can rest assured that all your data and email will be safely stored in Canada. Until now, all Office 365 data in North America was stored in datacenters located across the United States. [+]

Office 365 . Skype for Business
Simon Langlois

Skype and Skype for Business: What’s the Difference?

Did you know there’s a new Skype tool out there that’s designed strictly for businesses? Skype for Business isn’t free like the consumer version, but it has several features that are a better fit for business. We decided to take a better look at Skype for Business to see if it’s a worthwhile investment. [+]

CRM Online . Dynamics CRM
JP Mercier

Deploying a CRM: on Your Infrastructure or in the Cloud?

As the numbers for cloud growth continue to rise, companies are still wondering if deploying business applications there is really such a good idea. They worry about losing control of their data or even their cloud applications. And they’re still doubtful that the cloud is all that secure. [+]

Cloud Databases . DBaaS . End of Support . MSSQL
Guillaume Boisvert

Getting Off SQL Server 2005 Is Easier Than You Think

As of April 12, 2016 Microsoft has put an end to the MSSQL Server 2005 lifecycle. This ‘End-of-Support’ designation means no more security updates or hotfixes. If you’re still using SQL2005, migrating to a newer version of SQL should be at the top of your agenda. [+]

CSP Program . resell Office 365
Jason Brown

The Microsoft Advisor’s 3 Guaranteed Steps to Success

As of October 2015, commissions under the Advisor program were reduced from 23% to 15% in the first year and from 4% to 3% in the second year. You can still make money as an Office 365 Advisor. Read our three-step guide to find out how. [+]

multi-tenant . Remote Desktop Services
Guillaume Boisvert

How to Build a Profitable Business with a Remote Desktop Offering

Looking to make more money in the cloud? Reaching this goal doesn’t always mean adding new services to your portfolio. By repackaging your existing products and services you can increase your revenue. There are many ways to do this. [+]

Cloud Resellers . Partner Network . Partners First . video
Mathieu Leblanc

How to Succeed As a Cloud Reseller with Partners First

Have you heard of Partners First, SherWeb’s partner program? It’s designed for people like you who want to expand their business without sacrificing their customer relationships. [+]

Conferencing . Skype for Business
Sasha Kalevar

The Detailed Skype for Business, GoToMeeting and WebEx Revealing Comparison

Skype now offers the advanced capabilities and features organizations are expecting from online meeting services with the user interface simplicity and polished look end-users want. [+]

Office 365 . Office apps . OneDrive
One Drive VS One Drive Business-01
Sadissa Babeni

OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365: What’s Best?

What is OneDrive for Business? Do you know Office 365? Do you understand the difference between them? We’ve put together a simple guide that should make this whole jumble a lot easier to figure out. [+]

CSP Program . O365 . Office 365 . Partner Network . resell Office 365
Jason Brown

Get up to $65 Cash Back in New Office 365 Promo

How do beat your competitors to the punch? With a little help from SherWeb and Microsoft. We’ve created two new promotions to help MSPs tap into the booming market to resell Office 365.  [+]