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Back Up Office 365
Sadissa Babeni

Why Back Up Office 365?

To prevent data corruption and loss, organizations have to make sure their business data is backed up, and this includes Office 365. [+]

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top 5 msp trends for 2017
Frederic Charest

Salesforce To Dynamics 365: Targeting The Switchers With A Winning Value Proposition

No doubt most Dynamics 365 partners would pitch the Dynamics 365 as a less-expensive solution, but switchers from Salesforce are likely to bite into the argument if they see a greater value solution. One that is not only affordable but also one that can extend to the full functionality they really need. There’s a reason, after all, that they built their previous business on Salesforce. [+]

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Daniel Burla

The Must Know Of Transition to Dynamics 365 on Premise

There comes a time when new things must replace the old. This is exactly what is happening to Dynamics CRM as it is gradually fading out and being replaced by Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft which offers the best of CRM and ERP solutions in a single package.  [+]

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csp requirements
Daniel Burla

Attaining Optimized Performance in Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365

People complain of experiencing performance issues while using Microsoft Dynamics CRM; this is because, in the quest for improved functionality, they have compromised performance by carrying out changes without thinking of the repercussions on the application. [+]

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reselling office 365 with sherweb
Frederic Charest

Must Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Services

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) platform is not limited just to the functional modules released by Microsoft. It can be considered as an application development platform because of its xRM capacity. There are a couple of different definitions for xRM. One is that the “x” stands for extended, as in extended relationship management. The other definition is that the “x” is a variable, and means “anything” relationship management, such as partner relationship management, vendor relationship management, employee relationship management, etc. [+]

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Best MSP Support Tools
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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Can Save You

Today, business increasingly relies on mobile technology. The next generation in enterprise mobility will be about driving a seamless, integrated mobile experience – giving employees, customers, and partners the ability to pick up any device and have instant access to all of the data, tools, interfaces, and controls they want. But they need to be able to do this without compromising data security and integrity. [+]

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Daniel Burla

Choosing the Right Backup Strategy for Dynamics CRM

Many organizations plan their Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment and spend a significant amount of money deploying it but fail to make a backup maintenance plan. As a CRM expert, you must be able to come up with a proper backup that will not slow down or interfere with performance or work. [+]

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Dynamics 365 Complete Solution
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How Dynamics CRM Conversion Of Incoming Email To Cases Will Save Your Business?

Many organizations rely on email as a major form of communication with their customers. Emails should be responded to almost immediately, thus requiring an excellent customer relationship management software (CRM) to be installed. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows incoming emails to be converted into cases for the customer service unit to work on. [+]

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Daniel Burla

How to Create Dynamics Reports Using Wizard 2?

The digital era has arrived and, according to the World Economic Forum, the digital economy is expected to be worth $100 trillion within next 10 years. The digital economy is underpinned by data and this is why the volume of data is increasing exponentially day-by-day; therefore, the businesses that make sense of the flow of information have a competitive edge in the marketplace. [+]

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CSP Direct or Indirect
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Editors’ Pick: 8 Dynamics 365 Apps You Should Be Using From Microsoft AppSource

Want to get more from your favorite CRM solution? Microsoft AppSource is exactly what you need including more than 250 different Dynamics 365 apps. [+]

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