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Sadissa Babeni

6 IT Trends SMBs Can’t Ignore in 2016

Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you can’t be as efficient or competitive as the big company down the road. Changes in Information Technology (IT) have made it a lot easier for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to increase productivity and hold their own in today’s tough market. Find that hard to believe? Here are 6 IT trends for small business that will transform the way you work in 2016. [+]

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials
Guillaume Boisvert

Why your SMB should choose Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

Are you looking for an easy-to-use server solution for your small business? Does your organization have less than 25 users and manage less than 50 end-user devices? Then we’ve got the perfect match for you! Because most small organizations are typically run with little or no in-house IT staff, we know how important it is to provide solutions that are simple and easy to use. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials is the best choice for making your first steps into the server world. [+]

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Resell QuickBooks Hosting
Guillaume Boisvert

The Most Successful Way to Resell a QuickBooks Hosting Solution

In-house applications are difficult for small businesses to maintain. Not only are they costly to set up, but they don’t offer the same security, performance or reliability that you can expect from the cloud. A hosted application offers your customers a pay-as-you-go alternative to the thousands of dollars they would normally spend to set up their own IT services. [+]

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Michel Charest

The best reasons to host QuickBooks in the cloud

If you’re like many SMBs, you probably depend on QuickBooks software to process payments, print cheques and even check your clients’ credit card information. You’re not alone. Recent statistics show that QuickBooks is the favored accounting software for more than 29 million small businesses in the US alone. You’ve probably installed QuickBooks on an on-premises server or computer and in your office. You might have even heard about QuickBooks Online, but you’re wondering if it’s worth all the trouble. Did you know that it’s probably more convenient and easier to Host your QuickBooks with a cloud provider? [+]

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Bernardo Reyes

Top 5 value-added services that will boost your revenue for Office 365

Think about it. With a plain offer, made only of the same Office 365 plans Microsoft sells directly to the customers, why would a customer come to you or stick with you when they get the same from other providers or directly with Microsoft? Making more money through the CSP program requires you to fully rethink your strategy. Let’s have a look to 5 simple ways that can help you thrive as an Office 365 reseller. [+]

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Simon Langlois

On-Premises Exchange to Office 365: Is it worth the move?

When considering Office 365, organizations that manage their Microsoft Exchange email system in-house are faced with an important question: should we move our email to Office 365 or keep our Exchange servers in-house? Each option has its pros and cons. This article will guide you through some of them, so you can best decide whether Exchange on-premises or Exchange Online is the best solution for your organization. [+]

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Denis Brassard

SherWeb broke its own NP Score record

Something great happened at SherWeb during 2015! The Technical Support team got an NP Score (Net Promoter) of 84, far above the company average (70) and the the industry average (20) ! The same month, the overall customer satisfaction about the company was rated at 82.5. These are tremendous numbers ! [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

The best methods to migrate your clients to Office 365

Let’s face it. Migrating data from an Exchange Server to Office 365 is a complex process. No matter which method you choose, you’ll have to do a lot of planning and you’ll have to be ready for bumps along the way. So talk to your clients. Find out what kind of data they want to migrate and how much time they’re willing to spend on moving it to Office 365. Once you have the answer to these questions, you’ll have a better idea of which migration method will be the best solution for their business. [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

Three Essential Tips for Choosing a Cloud Partner Program

If you’ve been selling cloud services for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it’s getting harder to make a decent living as an independent. Yes, the demand for cloud services is high, but there’s a lot of other cloud resellers like you who are getting into the game. [+]

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Jason Brown

7 Benefits Of Office 365 For Small Business

You’ve heard all the talk about Office 365. Your employees have been dropping all kinds of hints about it. You’ve even taken a look at the tools and features and now you’re wondering if Office 365 really is the solution for your small business. The answer is yes. With all the possibilities it offers, Office 365 can help your employees work together in new and more efficient ways. But the truth is, Office 365 is more than just a set of tools. It changes the way small businesses work. Here are seven benefits it brings to small businesses beyond that. [+]