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One Drive VS One Drive Business-01
Sadissa Babeni

OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365: What’s Best?

What is OneDrive for Business? Do you know Office 365? Do you understand the difference between them? We’ve put together a simple guide that should make this whole jumble a lot easier to figure out. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Getting Off SQL Server 2005 Is Easier Than You Think

As of April 12, 2016 Microsoft has put an end to the MSSQL Server 2005 lifecycle. This ‘End-of-Support’ designation means no more security updates or hotfixes. If you’re still using SQL2005, migrating to a newer version of SQL should be at the top of your agenda. [+]

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Advisors Make More Money with O365
Simon Langlois

5 Easy Ways to Make More Money with Office 365

SherWeb has just launched a special offer for Microsoft Advisors. By transferring your Microsoft Advisor seats to SherWeb, you can boost your margins and take advantage of our free migration and technical support services. And it takes only 10 minutes to register and start selling! [+]

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Sadissa Babeni

How CRM Online Integrates with Office 365

In the market for a Customer Relationship Management application? CRM Online is a smart move if you’re thinking about inter-app compatibility. The recent growth and adoption of Office 365 have positioned Dynamics CRMOL as a no-brainer when it comes to managing the customer journey. [+]

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Mathieu Leblanc

How to Succeed As a Cloud Reseller with Partners First

Have you heard of Partners First, SherWeb’s partner program? It’s designed for people like you who want to expand their business without sacrificing their customer relationships. [+]

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Dynamics CRM v. Salesforce
Sasha Kalevar

Dynamics CRM Online vs. Salesforce – How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

If you’re in the market for a CRM, you’ve probably looked at dozens of options. Enterprise and small businesses who surf the internet are finding dozens of CRM solutions every day by providers who claim to cater to their specific needs. But when Destination CRM gave out prizes last August for the best CRM solutions, there were only two names that kept coming back in all categories (SMBs, Midmarket and Enterprise): Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The latter got the nod as the top solution. [+]

Yves Landry

Ray Tomlinson created the email… and it became a line of business

Email is core to what SherWeb is. Through our Hosted Exchange and Office 365 offerings, it’s safe to say we would not be the company we are today without email. It is therefore important for us to pay tribute to the inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, who’ve just passed away. [+]

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Jason Brown

Get up to $65 Cash Back in New Office 365 Promo

How do beat your competitors to the punch? With a little help from SherWeb and Microsoft. We’ve created two new promotions to help MSPs tap into the booming market to resell Office 365.  [+]

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Sadissa Babeni

Office 365 or Google Apps for Work: Which is the best fit for your business?

You need productivity tools. Running your business requires emailing, editing documents, analyzing sales data in spreadsheets, building decks and flyers for marketing, organizing company information in databases and more! You just can’t get along without them! It’s true that free tools are available, but they have their limitations. Free solutions are rarely complete, so you’re more likely to end up with your business data spread over different products and providers, which may put your company at risk. Your customers’ information needs to be treated with much more professionalism than that. Working with customers might require you to share information. It won’t be long before they’ll be concerned if you keep sending them sensitive information from public domain email addresses (like or or share data with them from unsecured online shares. [+]

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Active Directory
Guillaume Boisvert

How MSPs Can Better Advise Customers about Active Directory

Organizations planning to move their infrastructure to the cloud have to carefully consider how to manage the access to their services. Network IP addressing and domain naming are at the center of any migration strategy, or simply any IT services management. [+]