Mobile . Online Privacy

What about Mobile Phone Privacy? (Spoiler: It’s Non-Existent)

If you’re among the two-thirds of U.S. consumers who now own a mobile phone, then you really should know that your privacy is at more risk than you thought. [+]

Microsoft WPC 2014
JP Mercier

WPC Awards Bestow Rare Back-to-Back Honors in Hosting Category

For the first time in the history of the highly competitive Hosting category, Microsoft’s WPC awards will be bestowing back-to-back winner-finalist honors to the same hosting provider. We’ll give you one guess who it is… [+]

Quantum Computing
Computer Hardware

Is Quantum Computing the Future of Tech?

Ever heard the term "quantum" outside of a Big Bang Theory episode? Probably, but you might not know what it stands for. Quantum and quantum computing are increasingly popular concepts that can cause some apprehension to those unfamiliar with the science, but no worries, it’s not that complicated.  [+]

Online Backup
Sending Large Files
David Charron

How to Send or Transfer Large Files with Ease

Ever tried to transfer a monster file (> 10 GB) over a local network or the internet? Ten bucks says you ran into problems or at least had to restart a couple of times to get it through. Here’s a simple solution for transferring (and storing) a single huge file with data integrity protection and resumable in smaller chunks. [+]

Computer . Future
HP's Supercomputer "The Machine"

HP’s New Supercomputer Consumes 80% Less Energy

Anyone who manages servers hosted in a datacenter knows that space and electricity account for a fair share of operational costs. But what if I told you there’s a new supercomputer that could reduce energy costs 80 times? And that was 6 times more powerful than current servers? [+]

Cumulus . Programming
Cumulus Portal

Enterprise Service Bus — A Look under the Hood of the Cumulus Portal

Last March we were thrilled to unveil Cumulus, our new technology platform for SherWeb applications. Cumulus acts as a hub, interconnecting multiple SherWeb applications hosted on several environments and platforms. [+]

Rima Hatoum made it to the Women of the Channel ranking
JP Mercier

2014 Women of the Channel: Rima Hatoum Recognized by CRN

Good news come in pairs! We barely finished celebrating Sam Nadeau’s 2014 MERITIC Award that hoopla is called for again. This time, we’re happy to cheer for Rima Hatoum, SherWeb’s Hosted Exchange Product Marketing Manager, who’s being honored as one of the most influential women of the IT channel.  [+]

Lync . Support
Computer Desk
Sadissa Babeni

9 Ways Lync 2013 Can Instantly Improve Internal Tech Support

Tech support has come a long way since its “by-telephone-only” days. Today, support technicians have a wide array of tools at their disposal, including instant messaging and conferencing applications, remote desktop and file sharing tools, ticketing system and more. How does Lync 2013 fit into improving tech support? [+]

eLearning . IT
Microsoft's Virtual Academy

Free Training for IT Pros with the Microsoft Virtual Academy

It’s no secret that the IT world evolves at full throttle. Working in IT requires having an open-mind because you’re constantly being bombarded with new ideas and technologies. And this translates into a lot of new training. [+]

Internet . Privacy
Online Privacy
Yves Landry

How to Stop Gmail, Facebook and Twitter From Selling Your Private Info to Advertisers

Gmail, Facebook, Twitter… The Internet’s biggest service providers are free, and yet they make huge profits. How? By advertising you. That’s right: You are the product and their clients are advertising firms who are willing to pay big bucks in exchange for something called “metadata.” [+]