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Are You on the Right Track to Success in the Cloud?
Mathieu Leblanc

Are You on the Right Track to Success in the Cloud?

Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a lot of money to be made in the cloud. But if you’re not taking the right approach, you definitely won’t reap the benefits. To keep yourself on the right track, you have to do more than just offer new services as they become available. You have to recognize your strengths as a cloud reseller and build a game plan to match them. It’s only when you’ve figured this out, that you’ll start to drive real growth. [+]

Domain-Driven Design
Domain-Driven Design: Is it Ideal for Your Development Project?
Maxime Forest

Domain-Driven Design: Is it Ideal for Your Development Project?

Cumulus, SherWeb’s one-stop shop platform for provisioning cloud services, was designed with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in mind in early 2012. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to identify both the benefits and the pitfalls of using DDD. The goal of this new blog series is to share our field experience and help you determine if Domain-Driven Design is ideal for your current or next project. [+]

delivery . development . production
sherweb news
Pascal Martin

How SherWeb’s Dev Team Improved Production Delivery

We can say with certainty that all software development companies have encountered challenges related to management and release of new software versions. No matter the company stage, these challenges affect all types of environments: testing, quality assessment and production. [+]

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Become Dynamics Reseller through CSP Programs
Mathieu Leblanc

How to Start Reselling Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Direct vs. Indirect CSP)

Partner Network
top 5 msp trends for 2017
Mathieu Leblanc

Top 5 MSP Trends for 2017

Has 2016 been a good year for your cloud business? If you played your cards right, your answer should be a resounding yes. And with good reason. The market for cloud services is blazing hot. Statistics compiled by ChannelE2E have predicted that the global market for managed services is expected to grow to almost $230 billion by 2020... [+]

CSP . MSP . Office 365
CSP Direct or Indirect
Jason Brown

Direct or Indirect CSP: Which Program is Better for You?

If you’re a cloud reseller, you’ve probably heard more than enough about Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. For the last two years, the cloud industry has been bombarded with news about the CSP and how it will make selling Microsoft cloud solutions a lot easier for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like you. [+]

Developer . git . TFS
Guy Lépine

How We Moved from TFS to git – Part 4: Migration Plan

Once the department's key players were convinced migration to git was a must, we had to get it done. The following steps were taken in order to successfully migrate our code base. [+]

Office 365
marketing tools for msps
Simon Langlois

10 First-Rate MSP Digital Marketing Tools

You probably have all the technical savvy you need to run a successful cloud business. After all, technology is your thing. But how effective are you when it comes to selling and marketing your offers for Office 365? Do you have trouble developing digital marketing campaigns and pitching them to your customers? You’re not alone. Many... [+]

MSP . resell Office 365
Best MSP Support Tools
Mathieu Leblanc

8 Free Cloud Support Tools for MSP Success

Do you have the solutions you need to run a successful cloud business for Office 365? If you’re like most Managed Service Providers, you’re probably using a number of different MSP support tools and software to carry out your daily operations, such as running a better help desk or managing your projects. [+]

Advisor program . CSP Program
Become Dynamics Reseller through CSP Programs
Christopher Garrett

3 Easy Ways to Convince Your Clients to Transfer Office 365 Licenses to CSP

Now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on its Advisor program, more resellers are gearing up to transfer their clients’ Office 365 seats to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.  [+]

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