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Customer relationship management is fundamentally about tracking customer interactions, sales process data, customer information, support histories, and more. But with social media playing such an important role in our daily lives and online interactions, there’s a greater need for CRM integration with social media. Welcome to the world of Nimble, a social CRM dominating the world of social selling today.

A social CRM provides a quick overview of customer interactions with your brand on any social media channel, providing in-depth insight that prepares you for successful customer interactions. Social CRMs are particularly useful for connecting sales and marketing by extracting valuable social media data and presenting it an understandable format.

With all the offerings in the social CRM space, Nimble stands out as a top contender. It’s specifically designed for small- and medium-sized business owners who want to communicate effectively and leverage social media. Social CRM is nothing new, but Nimble does it well with its features.

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, crowned Nimble as the CRM market leader for small business teams ↗ based on its high customer satisfaction score:

  • 95% of Nimble users have rated it 4 or 5 stars.
  • 91% of Nimble users are most likely to recommend it to others.
  • 94% of Nimble users believe it’s headed in the right direction.

So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a look at why you need to be using Nimble for social CRM.


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Introducing Nimble: The Most Disruptive Social Selling CRM

Let’s suppose you have a meeting scheduled with a potential customer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know more about the prospect just by merely browsing their social media profiles and learning more about their activities and interests? Perhaps you both like the same sport, live in the same state, or attended the same university. Having these details on hand about a potential customer helps you personalize your initial conversations, making it easier to break the ice and build long-lasting relationships. But doing so manually can be time consuming. Nimble helps you learn more about your contacts in less time so you can develop valuable relationships.

What Is Nimble?

Nimble is a cloud-based social sales and marketing CRM for forward-looking enterprises that want to engage in social selling. It’s touted as the savior for small- and medium-sized businesses, and for good reason—Nimble has experienced notable growth, with more than 100,000 registered users and more than 10,000 paid customers across the globe.

Nimble’s primary focus is to simplify CRM. It does this by collating all customer data in a single place, making customer relationship management easier and simpler for all users. It integrates your CRM, contacts, social media network connections, and sales deals all in a single, convenient application.

Here are some of its most useful features:

  • Sales and marketing tools.
  • A social listening functionality that lets users create search parameters for trending terms that appear in Twitter streams or Facebook News Feeds.
  • Activity management by synchronizing and importing calendars.
  • Multiple add-ons for lead analytics, lead capture, and more.
  • Office 365 and Gmail integration for email communications.

Nimble is a great, simple, and intelligent stand-alone CRM; however, its Outlook add-in lets users live inside of Office instead of having to navigate to other external applications. All Office users can make the best use of all features of a good CRM application—lead management, contact management, and pipeline management—while using the information from both Microsot 365 and its own database.

Perfect for quickly growing SMBs and lean start-ups that already use G Suite and Office 365, Nimble allows you to organize your contacts in a single place, attract prospects more intelligently and quickly, build lasting relationships with customers, and close an increased number of sales with minimal effort. It’s a multi-user, collaborative system that allows Microsoft 365 teams to share contact data and emails from any device, providing in-depth insights about a contact simply through their social handle.


Nimble Features: A Social Selling Superstar


1. Ditch the Data Entry with Proactive Customer Engagement

Nowadays, any brand can make a publication go viral and create its own publicity by engaging in conversations with its customer base directly on social media. Nimble not only lets you engage with potential customers through social handles but also allows you to gather more data and enhance relationships with existing clients, but without wasting time and effort on manually logging CRM data. It automatically synchronizes your entire team’s Microsoft 365 calendars, email contacts, and social conversations to keep all your communications up to date. Being able to see what your potential customers are talking about on their social networks helps you deliver relevant, timely, and targeted messaging.


2. Save Time with Efficient Contact Management

Nimble provides a single view of the present, past, and future interactions with all of your Microsoft 365 contacts, allowing you to simply focus on gathering insights and driving engagement. Nimble’s contact management focuses on building relationships by transforming a simple name data field to a multi-dimensional customer personality. Most importantly, Nimble helps you get to know your contacts better so you can establish genuine relationships. You’ll know with whom you’ve interacted over time, when you last had a conversation with them, when you’ll be meeting with them again, and so much more. With in-depth insights about your connections, your business can drive more profitable campaigns and build deeper social media relationships. Additionally, Nimble uses AI-driven contact data to recommend companies or people you should connect with based on various criteria, such as areas of interest, job roles, and more.


3. Manage Deals with Easy Sales and Deal Pipelines

It’s difficult to stay on top of your sales opportunities and contact information manually. To ensure that your sales and marketing teams work in tandem, Nimble provides easy sales pipelines to close deals faster. These sales pipelines remind you of follow-ups, shorten the duration of the entire sales process, give an accurate estimate of the number of deals you’re expected to close in a given timeframe, and forecast any potential opportunities. All of your events, tasks, and communications are tied seamlessly to each deal to make sure you’re on the same page as your prospects. Nimble’s easy and smart sales pipeline helps you close deals faster so you never miss an opportunity.

4. Sell Smarter with Nimble Email Marketing and Tracking

Email marketing and tracking are essential components of a successful marketing and sales strategy. It’s important to know exactly when your prospects are engaging with your email outreach, and Nimble excels at doing just that. It empowers Office 365 and G Suite users to send personalized and trackable group emails to targeted contacts, complete with analytics and reporting. The contacts in these group emails are segmented based on social-driven business insights to ensure that every email outreach is a sincere, one-on-one conversation, thus increasing the likelihood of email opens and clicks. The actionable notification signals (desktop or mobile notifications for email open rates, clicks on attachments, and clicks on links) also help businesses target their hottest prospects at the right time.

Nimble Social CRM Pricing

Nimble Business Plan ($19.99 per user per month)

Social sales and marketing CRM

  • Contact management for Office 365 teams
  • Activity and task management
  • Nimble’s Smart Contacts app
  • Nimble’s Today Page dashboard
  • 100 group messages per user per day
  • Individual email tracking
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Unlimited email templates per user
  • 2 GB per user storage
  • Unified messaging inbox
  • Sales forecasts and reports
  • 25K contact records
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Social profile matching
  • 10 saved search segments
  • Mobile business card scanner
  • Email signature capture
  • Nimble Prospector (25 credits per user per month)
  • Unlimited contact importing
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited email message synchronization
  • API to connect with third party applications

Looking for an Intelligent CRM?

Do you use social media to manually identify, qualify, and convert leads? Consider using Nimble to make your life easier. With its high-end CRM, social media, and collaborative tools, Nimble is the perfect solution, especially if you’re already an Microsoft 365 or G Suite user.


Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb