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Many clients roll out Microsoft Office 365 to their organization and find that adoption isn’t moving as smoothly as they had expected. And when teams aren’t using the apps to their full potential, there’s no increase in productivity, which translates to slower ROI growth for businesses. QuickHelp can help change this.

With Microsoft constantly adding new features to Office 365, many users end up feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable with all the new data they have to digest.

Training is the answer to getting everyone on the same page and empowering people through the change process. But since employees usually have a lot on their plates, coordinating on-site training can be tricky.

Learn how QuickHelp can help you with Office 365 user adoption

It’s time to call in the pros.

Zack Terry, Executive Partner at Brainstorm, knew that his company could design a better learning solution for Office 365 by partnering with Microsoft. There’s something about QuickHelp that makes it especially effective: It delivers users the right content at the right time, reinforcing learning and transforming the way they work with Office 365.

Long story short, using QuickHelp along with Office 365 helps people work smarter and more efficiently with Microsoft applications, encouraging them to feel confident and become more productive through increased competency.

Zack shares his insights on what the whole adoption journey feels like when done right.

Before Anything, Know Your Customers’ Intentions

To offer clients the best services, we must first know their real goal and why they need Microsoft licenses.

“Perhaps they’re struggling with security issues, which put them at risk of financial loss, so driving OneDrive adoption is what will help them avoid that,” Zack notes.

One of his favorite quotes is, “Apathy is more expensive than adoption.” When we lend an ear to our customers’ struggles, we can start talking about driving trust, strengthening loyalty, and increasing ROI.

Here’s something to put you in the right mindset: “With Office 365, you’re not just selling a license.”

“There’s been a shift in the marketscape today from licensing to productivity,” highlights Zack. Microsoft is pushing QuickHelp to businesses not just to get more Office 365 sales but to help users actually understand how Office 365 apps work. As soon as that happens, organizational growth is just around the corner.

To support the maturity of the end-users market, we need to show customers the value of adoption and make it their goal to drive excellence. After we give our audience a train of thought to follow, promoting QuickHelp is the next logical step.

Office and QuickHelp: A Duo That Moves Mountains

QuickHelp blends the two legs of the Office 365 adoption journey—the technical implementation and the full recognition of its tools—to make it easier for users to get through the transition process of working with the productivity suite.

There are multiple layers to this process. QuickHelp is part of an organization’s marketing, sales, and product bundle. There’s also a change management practice associated with it—showing your customers how to support the change process.

Here’s some advice for marketing QuickHelp to your clients:

  • Zack suggests marketing both Office 365 and QuickHelp as a way to improve how users work and not just as a training tool or an add-on.
  • In terms of product strategy, Zack’s advice is to bake QuickHelp into your bundle services in applicable tiers.
  • Together, Office 365 and QuickHelp help drive your Microsoft sales. Show customers how changing their users’ behavior when it comes to learning new technologies goes hand in hand with boosting their ROI.
  • According to Zack, it’s time we turn ourselves into change management consultants if we want our clients to learn the best practices on implementing Office 365. That’s how we empower them to realize the vision of where they’re trying to get to.

How Organizations Can Grow with QuickHelp

There are multiple areas we’re looking at when integrating a new product like QuickHelp into your standard Office 365 offer. Zack notes that you’ll want to make an impact on four areas in particular:

  • First, work on executive buy-in; there are various executives involved in the decision-making process who need to fully understand QuickHelp’s benefits.
  • Second, look at marketing techniques to promote the Microsoft excellence your client’s organization will take on.
  • The third area is sales, where you’ll need to shift customer conversations from licensing to productivity, focusing on buyer’s value.
  • The last one is products and services. According to Zack, “[t]his is where you take QuickHelp and Office 365 and mold them together to drive a full solution for your customers.”

When all these four areas are on the same page, clients will notice an organizational change—and, as Zack notes, “that’s where the needle will start to tick forward on your Microsoft sales and consumption.”

QuickHelp: A Clear Winner

A business can’t possibly grow its revenue if its employees don’t know how to do their jobs. QuickHelp provides Office 365 users with a personalized approach to learning, engaging them from every angle so they can start getting more work done with the right apps.

Its features speak for themselves:

  • Creates a learning culture and drives ongoing productivity.
  • Offers gamification features to keep users engaged.
  • Provides an on-demand library of up-to-date learning content.
  • Publishes 45+ live training classes each month.
  • Caters topics focusing on specific applications and soft skills.
  • Delivers assessments to reinforce and test learning.
  • Publishes PDF guides to support different learning styles.

QuickHelp’s dashboard is a great tool to get the pulse on what’s happening inside the app and to keep an eye on user engagement. It provides usage statistics and real employee feedback, keeping clients on top of their business.

The best part is that almost everything is customizable inside QuickHelp. Clients can create and upload their own content, schedule emails to remind users of upcoming skill passes, and send notifications with their next assignments.

Thanks to QuickHelp’s value calculator, employers can understand what adoption is truly doing within their organization and quantify their employees’ efficiency.

There are old ways of learning Office 365, and then there’s QuickHelp. In the end, it all comes down to us trying to understand our customers’ struggles. Make sure your clients see the full value of Office 365 by leveraging QuickHelp and supporting a long-term solution for changing user habits and attitudes.

Make it easy for them, and they won’t be able to resist. Contact us today for a demo!

Written by Mathieu Pipe-Rondeau Marketing Communications Specialist @ Sherweb

Mathieu is responsible for Sherweb’s blog content and organic social media. Highly conscious of branding and related communications, he’s constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to showcase Sherweb to the world. Mathieu has ten years of communications and marketing experience, including expertise in knowledge management, process creation and improvement, technical writing and content strategy. When he’s not producing engaging content, Mathieu enjoys cooking, singing and skateboarding with his son.