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The pandemic has fundamentally transformed the way we conduct business, compelling organizations across the globe to explore the changing realities of remote work.

As office meetings become video calls, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platforms are seeing a rise in demand because they empower teams across industries to collaborate at home and ensure business continuity.

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“Business as usual” has a new meaning as organizations find the tools they need with Microsoft Teams, which can enable businesses to get back on track and facilitate a new flexible, hybrid work reality.

Why is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) trending?

While remote work trends only recently began to surge after COVID-19 brought economies to a standstill, it’s not a new concept. Companies like Verizon Data Center and HP already had remote work solutions in place years earlier.

But now that work-from-home solutions have caught on like wildfire, Buffer’s State of Remote Work Report 2020 states that at least 57% of respondents spend 100% of their time working remotely. Work from home has become an integral aspect of business in today’s world.

That said, the move to remote work hasn’t been easy or smooth, forcing companies to reconsider their stance on these solutions.

With no board meetings or water-cooler conversations to fuel impromptu brainstorming sessions – transitioning from the traditional office to remote working has been challenging.

And yet, it is the only lifeline for organizations that want to survive the current economic troubles. That’s why many businesses are in search of ways to make the transition easy – and that’s where UCaaS platforms help by streamlining all their communication and collaboration needs.

As offices across the globe shut down and supply chain disruptions leave manufacturers helpless, your clients are also being affected by unprecedented market changes. Fortunately, a trusted technology advisor and provider help you do the necessary changes to stay afloat.

UCaaS lets our partners digitally transform a workplace, helps their clients move their workload to the cloud, and provides better collaboration tools as well as additional layers of security.

Additionally, these remote work solutions can help your users tap into a global workforce and build a business that can withstand any storm that comes its way.

How Microsoft Teams Can Help

These days, many businesses are looking to set up remote teams as soon as possible so they can get back in the game fast!

You can help by setting them up with MS Teams, which is a UCaaS platform that can empower their mobile teams. Leverage our voice expertise to guide you through the process.

As a service that is gaining widespread prominence with organizations across the globe, Teams streamlines instant messaging, video meetings, telephony and voice, voicemail, meetings, and presence technology – making it all available under a single interface. With Sherweb you can also keep using your client’s hardware and even integrate with their existing PBX system, adding the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

And Sherweb will do the heavy lifting for all our partners who need to foster online collaboration and remote teamwork for their clients’ organizations.

We’re dedicated to supporting our partners and their clients during this uncertain situation in which new developments happen daily. So, if your clients are looking to deploy remote teams securely, let Sherweb help you cater to their needs!

UCaaS Insights Series

Written by Jason Nadeau Product Manager – VoIP @ Sherweb

Jason is passionate about Telecom, it’s as much a hobby as it is his career. Certified and trained by top manufacturers of VoIP equipment, he has 20 years of experience in PBX sales, installation and support.