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The holiday season is here! Whether you offer VoIP services or simply own a business with a phone, it’s especially important at this time of year to consider the readiness of your Cloud PBX. In our experience, managed service providers (MSPs) find it helpful to cover the following five things to make sure they don’t miss any important calls, communicate their holiday hours and ensure their clients’ phone systems stay in working order, too. Make sure you maintain a high level of customer service and seize every opportunity to keep your operations running smoothly, regardless of which festivities you may or may not be participating in.


#1 Set up a holiday menu for your IVRs

Lots of businesses only think about this at the last minute. However, with Sherweb as your Cloud PBX partner, we can help set up everything for you in advance! Adjust your IVRs (interactive voice responses) and/or automated attendants to communicate your hours and availability. Organize your call routing to meet your team’s varying schedules. Even though many people take vacation around this time, your clients could still need you at any moment—make sure you’re reachable!


#2 Reach out to your Cloud PBX customers about the holiday season

It’s not just about your own phone system—make sure your clients’ are prepared for the holidays as well. Reach out to your clients and ask if they need a special greeting or menu options. Given the distributed nature of businesses and employees these days, the value of properly communicating how to reach you cannot be understated.


#3 Make sure employees follow suit

Everyone should join in the festivities! Encourage your employees to  set up personalized seasonal greetings for their own phone mailboxes in addition to the company’s main line. Sharing their working hours this time of year will keep everyone up to date and informed. But don’t forget to remind people to revert their changes once all festivities have passed!


#4 Use the opportunity to show value to clients

It’s a relatively small thing, but offering to help set up and optimize your clients’ telephony systems for the holidays can go a long way in terms of positioning yourself as their trusted IT advisor. Take the opportunity to ask if there’s anything else you can do to improve calling capabilities or menu options. Are there any other communications or productivity resources they’re missing? Use this time to check in and find out.


#5 Make sure you have adequate support and backup

Everyone hopes they don’t have to deal with a crisis when one or more key employees aren’t available, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for the possibility. Having an expert partner by your side can definitely help mitigate potential risks. When it comes to Cloud PBX and VoIP services, Sherweb can have your back! Our support team is available 24/7/365. And our solution architects can help make sure your services are delivered consistently and efficiently, even if you’re out of the office. For example, want to set up some of those seasons greetings we mentioned, with relevant announcements for office hours, availability, etc.? Just give us the recording you want to use and the days it should be playing, and we can set it all up on your behalf.


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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb