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Recently I was at an IT workshop talking with service companies about how Sherweb could help with their challenges. They all had differences in their skill sets and wheelhouses, but they had one thing in common: all wanted to grow their businesses. All had earned valued and trusted relationships with their clients, but their clients only saw them as the_____ (fill in the blank) guy. The SQL Guy, their CRM Guy, their Exchange Guy... In some cases, clients had wished (in front of them) that they could have more service partners like them who offered more of what they needed.

The question is: how do you move on from being one choice for one IT to becoming THE IT Advisor and THE Network Operations Center (NOC) GUY?

A few of our partners mentioned that they tried to do that but ran into more than a few pain points trying to grow. These were both expensive and time-consuming as they had to:

  1. Ramp up infrastructure, 
  2. Build out competencies in many other products and services, and 
  3. Find reliable on-call staff when needed. 

The verdict, I heard, was that they were chasing something out of their grasp. Worse yet, they were neglecting the core business that got them to where they were in the first place. 


Become your clients’ trusted IT advisor with Sherweb’s partner services!


A fixable dilemma

The scenario above does provide challenges for sure. You have time-consuming tasks like staffing, maintaining alerts, monitoring, reporting, and maintenance functions. All that takes time away from generating revenue. But what if I told you that did not have to be the case.

That’s right. By using Sherweb’s Partner Services, you can boost your competitiveness by offering managed services without adding more burden to your to-do list.

  • Manage your clients’ infrastructure, security, and deliver world-class support.
  • Offer technical support, network administration, and systems monitoring, among other value-added services.
  • Tailor services to your needs to get you on the road to be your clients’ trusted IT advisor.

All this without hiring extra staff on your end so that you can become a true one-stop-shop NOC for your clients.


How you will benefit from using Sherweb

  • Save time by letting Sherweb handle all the monitoring, maintenance, and support.

This will enable you to do what you do best. Meet with your clients to identify and work toward ending their pain points. Proactively plan and apply technology solutions with Sherweb’s Valet Pre-Sales, Migration, and Support services instead of making sure the lights are on, and there is gas in the IT engine.

  • Reduce your IT costs

Sherweb’s award-winning technical support, network administrators, and architects are there for you, so you don’t have to be. No searching to find first-class IT resources. Our experts are here for you and your clients. From migration services to tech support and server maintenance, Sherweb has you covered.

  • Diversify your offerings

Sherweb has an extensive portfolio of cloud solutions and products available for you.


How your clients benefit when you use Sherweb

  • Unparalleled Network Operations Center (NOC) support

Sherweb is there for you and resolves issues 24/7 in French and English across North America. No more middle of the night emergencies. We can identify, troubleshoot, and communicate status and resolution for you. Sherweb has that covered so you can sleep at night.

  • Safe and reliable services

Security can be an overwhelming undertaking. Your clients’ IT environments and data are all kept safe on secure servers with no single point of failure. Sherweb keeps 60,000 companies safe worldwide. Let us do the same for you with the expertise we have accumulated.

  • Hands-off IT management

You will always be in the know about what’s happening with your clients’ infrastructure. No need to spend time managing it yourself. Our user-friendly platform gives you a commanding view of clients’ portfolios.


Multilevel Network operations center offerings to deliver the best solution to your clients

Sherweb makes it easy for you to choose. We offer two easy plan options as well as a customisable one so you can find what will work best for your clients’ needs.

  • NOC Essentials: monitoring, patching, and alerting services, with all alerts forwarded directly to you
  • NOC Pro: all services above with added support, alert response, triage, and best-effort troubleshooting
  • Professional Services: when a customized solution or assistance is necessary. Our team will work together with you to determine the details and best pricing for you and your client.

Here is a full breakdown of plans and features below.

NOC Essentials NOC Pro
24/7 technical support with unlimited tickets*
*only for supported items

Response time 1 hour SLA
Infrastructure issues*
*for Performance Cloud or Azure subscriptions through Sherweb CSP only

Server issues & software support*
*only applicable for specified software

Infrastructure documentation
Report reviews & recommendations
Quarterly based reviews
CPU, RAM & Disk
Active Directory services,  remote desktop services, IIS web server, file server & Microsoft SQL $5 / server
Custom monitoring*
*Setup fees apply to first server; additional servers auto-detected
$15 / role / server $15 / role / server
OS patch management, deployment & patching report
Troubleshooting patching & manual install
Operational alert response
Proactive service restart & disk space management
Triage, first response
Alerts from client calls
Active Directory
Daily Active Directory health check & weekly reporting
Active Directory troubleshooting
Microsoft SQL server
Database health check
Database health reporting & proactive database maintenance
Software inventory
Software reporting
Assisted restores
Endpoint Protection
Installation, monitoring & reporting
Disaster Recovery *
*service requires subscription
Configuration, monitoring and replication status reporting
Assisted failover

Be “THAT” guy

Growing your business does not have to be painful or more than you can handle. Sherweb has spent years perfecting our expertise and services. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you and your clients.

With Sherweb, you get a value-added cloud solutions partner committed to your success. We offer everything you need. From tailored services to full NOC support, all suited to you and your clients’ unique goals.

Don’t let budgeting concerns keep you away from growing your business and becoming what you can.

THE IT Advisor and THE Network Operations Center (NOC) GUY

For more information about our solutions, products, and value-added services, check out our infokit.

You can also explore our partnership opportunities or contact us.

Written by Taylor Poelman Marketing Communications Specialist @ Sherweb

Taylor produces content that’s useful, informative and enjoyable for readers. Her past professional experience includes copywriting for both B2B and B2C markets in a variety of sectors, as well as managing marketing communications for advocacy, social media and event planning activities. When she’s not writing captivating copy, you can find Taylor reading, snacking or practicing her golf swing.