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Sherweb’s Performance Cloud combines the power of VMware with flexible cloud server infrastructure. Built by our in-house experts, it was designed with both managed service providers (MSPs) and their SMB clients in mind. Powered by VMware, Performance Cloud enables easy deployment of cloud servers with a user-friendly self-service portal, an exceptional performance to cost ratio and expert infrastructure support.

The decision to develop our new and improved iteration of Performance Cloud using VMware was a strategic one. As a value-added cloud solutions provider, Sherweb is committed to offering clients business-critical solutions their clients need. We understand the unique challenges MSPs face in the cloud, which is why we’re honored to be designated as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) Premier tier partner in the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program. 

VMware’s dominance in the virtualization and cloud services markets and consistently high customer satisfaction are significant reasons why Sherweb selected it as the backbone for our cloud server and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering. Ultimately, we feel MSPs prefer VMware—let’s look at some more reasons why.

VMware’s easy-to-use interface makes it more accessible

The VMware Cloud Director makes setting up, deploying and managing virtual machines (VMs) as simple as possible. It gives users full visibility and control over their environments. It’s also used by over 80% of on-prem workloads, meaning that Performance Cloud powered by VMware is a great option for clients looking for a hybrid solution or to move their operations completely to the cloud.

By making cloud service delivery as simple as possible, VMware can save MSPs time and money and empower them to grow their cloud business. Taken with the expert support offered to Sherweb partners, it’s easy to see why Performance Cloud powered by VMware represents an attractive option for MSPs to offer clients.

Benefits of VMware for cloud server infrastructure

VMware’s popularity among MSPs for cloud infrastructure servers stems from its comprehensive suite of features and functionalities. Performance Cloud powered by VMware takes these advantages even further. Built on the foundation of VMware vSphere, Performance Cloud offers MSPs a pre-configured, high-performance infrastructure specifically designed for cloud deployments. This eliminates the need for complex setup and allows for efficient resource management and high VM density. Additionally, VMware NSX, provides advanced networking capabilities, ensuring secure and reliable communication, regardless of their physical location. This combination of features empowers MSPs to deliver a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure for their clients, with the added benefit of simplified management through Performance Cloud’s user-friendly self-service portal.

VMware’s flexibility makes it scalable for cloud providers

Another reason we think MSPs prefer VMware for cloud servers and virtualization is because of its flexibility. It’s easier for providers to build profitable cloud offers when they can plan their finances and resources accordingly. The pool of available resources for compute, network and storage that VMware provides also makes it easier to get VMs up and running as soon as they’re needed.

When it comes to virtualization, VMware is virtually (pun intended!) unrivalled. It’s recognized as being well-suited for large, complex environments, but its scalability makes it a great option for smaller operations as well—especially with the rising demand for remote work solutions.

VMware provides increased efficiency and security

Cloud servers and VMs powered by VMware can reach more users with less physical hardware. For applications and services running on physical servers, VMware also requires less space and energy in datacenters. This results in reduced operational expenses and greater profitability for providers.

There are also security benefits to using VMware to power your cloud infrastructure and virtualization activities. All VMs have integrated protection and disaster recovery management and are automatically backed up to give both providers and their clients peace of mind. With regards to Sherweb’s Performance Cloud powered by VMware, all servers have a financially-backed SLA to ensure maximum safety for client workloads.

Diversify your managed services with Performance Cloud powered by VMware

Performance Cloud powered by VMware provides the highest available performance to cost ratio, security, reliability and highly scalable fixed-cost pricing. For MSPs looking to capitalize on the growing IaaS and cloud services markets, Performance Cloud is a profitable option competitive with other leading cloud provides like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Looking to elevate your cloud offerings with VMware? You’ve come to the right place

VMware Cloud offers a powerful toolkit, but true success lies in maximizing its potential for your MSP business. We can help you navigate every step of the process, from initial implementation to ongoing support. Ready to unlock the potential of VMware Cloud and build a high-performing cloud strategy?

With a leading cloud solutions provider like Sherweb as your dedicated partner, Performance Cloud powered by VMware can propel your managed services business towards greater ROI.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you build a high-performing cloud strategy.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb