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There isn’t any question that a significant part of sales management is finding and qualifying leads, then, nurturing those leads to the buying stage. When you have over 50 leads, it no longer makes sense to use a spreadsheet. You need a CRM system to store and organize your leads systematically with instant access from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Not to mention, you want a CRM system that is user-friendly and offers the features most relevant to your business objectives. One such CRM system is Dynamics 365. Keep reading to learn more about the ten benefits of using Dynamics 365 for sales.


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1. Import Data Easilydata-import_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to import all your current data into a new system. Customers don’t have time to wait while you figure out the technology. The minute you ease up on your leads is the minute your competition decides to call them. With Dynamics 365, you don’t have to worry about how long the import will take or whether they will be organized upon completion.

Instead, you can categorize external data as a single import, or, you can transfer information in batches as you need it. Dynamics 365 even has an always-on connection to Excel. Now, you can save time and keep your customers satisfied because everything you need is in a single, user-friendly portal.


2. Telemarket the Right WayTelemarketing_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

There are a hundred and one ways to query a customer, and then, there is the right way. You could easily spend an entire workday making calls and asking all the wrong questions. When it comes time to measure monthly results, you wonder why you aren’t reaching your quota.

You’re making the calls, right? Phone calls are only one step of the process. Since customers are also receiving calls from your competitors, you need to find points of distinction.

Dynamics 365 provides a differentiator with its process flow user interface. That’s right; it sends prompts to ask the right questions to find and qualify new sales leads.

Each of the steps is defined and follow a logical progression of the sales funnel, towards the buying stage. What happens now? The result is you increase conversion rates and can more easily meet your quotas.


3. Extremely Convenient

In today’s digital world, everyone is on the go. All you need is a mobile device to stay connected. As a result, anyone can work from anywhere, at any time–and, many people do.

You might be in the field when you receive a customer call. What do you do? You can’t ask them to hold while you call the office for some background information–that wouldn’t work well.

You need to seize the opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. You can do precisely that and more since Dynamics 365 is cloud-based. So, you can enter CRM data and access customer information from anywhere. And, since Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product, it integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite. We will highlight integration next.


4. Easy Integration

Since Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product, it can be integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, as well as libraries on SharePoint. So, sending quotes, RFPs and emails are quick and easy. You can conveniently store all your Office templates for use in relevant scenarios.

To illustrate, you might have a holiday template that you can customize based on segmentation, and then you might have a new customer template. The possibilities are truly endless. That’s not all. Dynamics 365 tracks every Microsoft Outlook email, both received and sent.

It is built for Microsoft Outlook. As a result, you get a fully comprehensive communication history that you can scan at your convenience. It’s for every opportunity, contact, and account. No more sorting through your email inbox to determine the last point of communication.


5. Track by Stagetracking stage_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

Every qualified lead goes through the sales funnel and progresses through varying stages. As a result, you would have a different conversation with a cold lead than you would with a warm lead.

All experienced salespeople understand that you must tailor your conversations to the appropriate stage in the sales funnel. The good news is Dynamics 365 tracks every opportunity through your pre-defined milestones.

You can set up rules with gated stages. Opportunities cannot progress to the next stage until they have completed all your requirements. Think of how much time this saves with less confusion and backtracking leads. You can ensure communications are tailored and relevant for the current stage of the lead.

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6. Track Your Competitorscompetitors track_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

To be successful in sales, you must track your conversion rate. But you must also understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. When you’re busy making calls and doing presentations all day, it can be challenging to do competitive research.

Dynamics 365 has figured this out and offers a feature that lets you create detailed profiles for all your competitors, including active sales opportunities you are competing for and what accounts they are working. You can also include information on their strengths and weaknesses.

Say your client tells you that they are also getting proposals from competitors’ A and B. You can enter this information in Dynamics 365, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Now, you can prepare a proposal that allows you to stay ahead of your competition based on the strengths you feel are most relevant to the prospective client.


7. Live Sales Dashboards

When it comes to closing a sale, renewing a contract or replacing a product, you need to show up on time. The only way to do that is with a system that gives you informed decision making. Dynamics 365 presents sales dashboards in real time along with KPI graphics, charts, statistics and more.

These types of data points can help you better understand your customer’s needs and can even anticipate potential problems. It can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


sales dashboard_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

8. Social Media Integration

In our digitized world, sales can be made in person, on the phone, online and even through social media. You also want to know what your prospects and clients are saying about your company on social media.

Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft Social Listening to do just that. You can listen to all types of feedback and even join the conversation. By listening, you have the opportunity to turn a cold lead into a sales opportunity. Plus, insights from social listening can help transform your discussions and sales strategy to one that is more customer-focused and personalized.

social media integration_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

9. Manage Customer Events

Your salespeople may want to offer live demos, lunch and learns, presentations and other events for prospects and clients. These are all opportunities to meet people in person and show them exactly how your products and services align with their business needs and objectives.

Of course, the events need to have a successful turn out to justify the spending and time. Dynamics 365 includes features that manage events from planning to execution and follow-up. Some features include:

  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Attendance count
  • Lead generation
  • Registration conversion

There’s no reason to track your event results in a document. Instead, you can enter real-time information, and get real-time updates with Dynamics 365.


10. Automatic Lead Scoringlead scoring_10 Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

If you manage hundreds or thousands of new leads each month, it can be difficult to score each one manually. In fact, that would be an extreme exercise in futility. Why not let Dynamics 365 score leads for you?

Since it is essential to know which leads are sales-ready, Dynamics 365 will automatically score every lead set with your defined rules. So, leads are always assigned to the right person, at the right time.


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In Conclusion

Dynamics 365 helps you to gather, organize, qualify, access and score leads faster than your competition. Plus, it is user-friendly and cloud-based. Not to mention, it fully integrates with Microsoft Office and Office 365. Also, Dynamics 365 continues to be a CRM leader because Microsoft understands what sales teams need. So, are you ready to boost your sales?

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