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As an increasing number of organizations migrate to the cloud, there is a growing need for cloud-native applications and platforms as they offer increased value, efficiency, and flexibility for organizations.

Dynamics 365 is one such application that provides businesses a complete suite of cloud-based applications to help them grow. It is one of the first vendor-backed application suites, formed and managed by Microsoft.

It combines the features of different customer relationship management (CRM) software (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (like Microsoft Dynamics GP-NAV-AX) for increased efficiency.

But looking at hundreds of managed service providers (MSPs), we have observed that an overwhelming number of them lack the confidence to invest in and provide the Dynamics 365 service. While consumers continue to demand it, MSPs doubt their ability to deliver a solution.

Dynamics 365 resellers, on the other hand, are actively looking for leads. This is why we introduced the Dynamics 365 partner-to-partner program back in 2017.

What is it about? Let’s dive into the details.


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What is the Dynamics 365 Partner-to-Partner program?

While Sherweb deals with over 6,000 MSP partners, the vast majority do not sell Dynamics 365. Business solutions, such as Dynamics 365, require much more upfront work and the right expertise to build the appropriate implementation plan.

The technical expertise required for such a product is one of the principal reasons why it is mostly sold by exclusive Dynamics 365 resellers.

Even for CRM-centric organizations that deal exclusively in Microsoft Dynamics 365, coming across high-quality leads has been an uphill struggle.

This is why we created the Dynamics Partner-to-Partner pairing program. Through this community initiative, we attempt to bridge a gap that exists in the market, allowing MSPs to extend their skill sets by pairing with Dynamics partners.

How does it work?

The central reason behind initiating the partner-to-partner program is to allow MSPs and Dynamics resellers to make good on their Dynamics 365 investment. By exposing your service to our ever-growing client network, you’ll experience more business opportunities and capture increased leads.

The process is easy to grasp; here’s how it works:

  • When an MSP end-client requests Dynamics 365, we link them with a Dynamics partner.
  • Once the Dynamics partner gets access to the client, they set up the required service structure for the client to access Dynamics 365 services.
  • Sherweb supervises the entire peer-to-peer pairing program and undertakes the responsibility to ensure that every party fulfills their end of the deal.
  • The MSP has an incentive to partake in this partner-to-partner program. The MSP keeps the recurring license, as well as the customer relationship. Then, the Dynamics partner and MSP finalize how the customer is billed. MSPs can benefit from a finder fee, or the two partners can decide on a markup on the service.

Through this initiative, the end-clients benefit from a Dynamics 365 expert, and the MSPs and Dynamics partners benefit from the increase in business.

Additionally, the MSP benefits from the licensing fee. All in all, it helps develop valuable relationships across different service providers and offers a mutually beneficial program.


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How are the leads assigned?

At Sherweb, we take great pride in providing an exceptional level of customer satisfaction to our clients. But under the Dynamics 365 partner-to-partner pairing program, we are not providing the service directly.

This is why we have implemented strict controls to determine which Dynamics partner gets the lead once an MSP end-client expresses their desire to leverage Dynamics 365 services.

Our decision rests on several factors:

Size of business

If the end-client is a large organization that requires extensive support and training, we make sure to assign the lead to a Dynamics partner who is not only willing but also capable of taking on such a responsibility.

In short, they must possess the required infrastructure, human resources, and track record to take on this project.


The second most important consideration is the proximity of the location of the end-client and the Dynamics partner.

Assisting through the complete set up of the Dynamics 365 and undertaking subsequent training can involve quite a bit of time. This makes geographical proximity an even more important factor when deciding on the right service provider.

Business affinities

While this may be harder to define, we’re still determined to match partners based on their business affinities.

To ensure an optimal all-around experience, we make sure the Dynamics partner belongs to the same industry vertical as the client. Having prior knowledge of their niche allows more customization, which cuts down training time and reduces any confusion.

Making sure both partners understand their verticals allows for greater efficiency in the process.

Benefits of the Dynamics 365 Partner-to-Partner pairing program

By creating a mutually collaborative environment, Sherweb allows MSPs and Dynamics 365 resellers alike to take full advantage of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

Here are some of the benefits of our peer-to-peer pairing program:

You Find the right partner

Whether you’re an end-client wanting to leverage Dynamics 365 or a reseller wanting to acquire a lead – you are sure to find the right partner with the help of this program.

For a reseller, Sherweb presents a cloud-native model where they can easily resell Dynamics 365 through the CSP Program. Coupled with our impressive reach of thousands of end-clients, resellers get access to potential prospects.

Once a reseller is admitted to the partner-to-partner program, you can expect leads in about a month.

The same goes for our partner MSPs’ end-clients. Every Dynamics partner is vetted and assigned after careful consideration, which means that the end-clients get an experienced reseller who is more than willing to help them extract maximum ROI from the Dynamics 365 platform.

Benefit from shared industry knowledge

The best part of the peer-to-peer pairing program is that it allows Dynamics partners to meet and even help other Dynamics resellers or potential partners.

MSPs that act as our Dynamics partners have worked with many of our clients to help them set up Dynamics 365 for their end-clients and build additional services. This not only brings various entities together but helps them leverage their expertise for greater benefits.

Allows pure Dynamics resellers to scale

While the program is designed to boost sales, it has also benefited other partners that deal exclusively in Dynamics 365.

Remember, Dynamics 365 is an entirely cloud-native platform. Combined with Sherweb’s cloud expertise, exclusive resellers benefit from our vast knowledge about their product, and our interface allows them to sell their products very easily.

As MSPs continue to ramp up on Dynamics 365, Sherweb has taken the initiative to form a program that allows MSPs and Dynamics partners to resell licenses and services to an increasing number of users. This allows or partners to add value to their offering and grow their businesses with ease.

With access to our marketing resources and internal support, our Dynamics partners can enhance their visibility and capture more leads. If you’re interested in knowing more, contact us now.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb