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According to a 2015 Customer Lifecycle Journey Report by Forrester Research, 81% of companies have a community-oriented support channel. Many businesses are looking to gain a competitive edge by investing in online communities to build relationships with employees, partners, customers, and clients. Today, we give you Dynamics Community

Software companies are especially inclined to build long-term relationships with their users. That’s why Microsoft continues to invest in customer-centric teams—to help you advance your relationship with a customer beyond their initial purchase. It’s also why Microsoft is investing in online communities for all of its products. Online communities help increase customer lifetime value and also bring in more revenue through retention and cross- and upsell opportunities.

Microsoft’s Dynamics Communities help you align your product roadmap with customer needs and desires while gathering feedback on ERP and CRM software applications that have already been delivered. You can use this feedback from your community to develop new features that can be tested with a small pilot group. This increases user and product adoption, leading to happier customers.

A Dynamics Community is not merely a place to promote products but a platform for customers and fans to stay connected with developers. The community also helps reselling partners connect to the resources, tools, insights, and partner programs required to drive growth and amaze customers.


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Benefits of a Dynamics Community

A thriving community has clear benefits for a software organization. When you give to the community, it gives back. For a business that sells through a channel and wants insights into the shared deals, a Dynamics Community can empower them by providing more visibility and better control of their funnel.

Modern users are looking for an amazing digital experience from software products and services. Here’s how a Dynamics Community helps you chart your success:

  • Provide quick, 24/7 customer service and solve customers’ problems.
  • Incorporate customer feedback to improve your products and services.
  • Maintain a direct connection with users, clients, customers, and reselling partners.

Let’s explore some of these benefits in greater detail.


Creates Highly Engaged Evangelists

The simplest and most valuable thing you can expect from any community is highly engaged customers. A Dynamics Community creates a sense of belonging, making the user’s experience enriching beyond just your products and features. Thus, brand enthusiasts can engage with each other as well as with you through conversations on discussion boards.


Provides Customers an Easy Way to Connect

Engage your customers with 24/7 self-service options so they can connect anytime and anywhere on their preferred channel to ask questions related to Dynamics products, solve problems, and share ideas. A Dynamics Community also engages users through product tutorials, company-generated blogs, workshops, and user-generated content.


Helps Businesses Reduce Service Costs

A Dynamics Community will help your customers find answers on the forum, group, portal, online platform, or any other medium, and they can also answer questions posted by other Dynamics users. A Dynamics community is a win-win for both the customer and your business.


Improves Your Product

A strong dynamics community will give customers a voice so that businesses can improve and evolve while keeping in mind their ideal customers and user personas.


Provides Community Resources

People can make the best use of wealth of community resources such as blogs, whitepapers, how-tos, and Q&As to increase their knowledge and get the most of Microsoft Dynamics software solutions. Dynamics Community is a network of experts aimed creating conversations and knowledge sharing about the CRM tool. It helps you find answers to your questions quickly. As soon as users start typing in their questions, the community displays answers to similar questions that have been answered in the past, resulting in quicker resolutions.


Creates a Support Network for Product Reviews

A Dynamics Community is a great way to grow your knowledge while building a network. It’s a great resource for testimonials and helps enhance customer experiences by working on answering hard to answer questions. This will help reselling partners increase their product conversion rates and buyer confidence, as they have an accessible platform for capturing reviews from passionate customers.


Generates More ROI

A strong Dynamics Community is just a perfect business strategy. Loyal and engaged community members often turn out to be great repeat customers for a business. For instance, if you or your sales/marketing representatives help the members of the community by resolving their problems, you’ll strengthen your brand awareness at a very low cost compared to those of other advertising channels.


Resell Dynamics 365 Like an Expert with Sherweb


A Dynamics Community will help you enhance your user experience, encourage communication, and let your users, customers, partners, and employees find solutions to problems they’re struggling with. As a reselling partner, you’ll see accelerated conversions, greater customer satisfaction, crowd-sourced novel ideas, increased loyalty, customer retention, and growing brand advocacy. Ultimately, a Dynamics Community helps build a corporate culture for reselling partners that’s forward thinking in its approach


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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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