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Microsoft 365 Business Premium is for business partners who want to eliminate the lose of productivity due to technological issues and so much more. Here’s how Business Premium can help your business digitally transform!

Losing minutes in the workday due to inefficient software might not seem like that big of a deal. But overtime it can affect your bottom line! Business Premium is Microsoft’s most feature-rich service plan. Chances are you and your employees are extremely familiar and comfortable with the Microsoft ecosystem, which means more productivity, and more overall growth.

Digitally transform with ease

Running a business of any size is no easy feat. Add in the constant changes recently that are forcing managers to make big decisions like switching from fully on-premises work to a potentially entire remote workforce or the variety of hybrid options that many companies have chosen to adopt, without the right software and security it’s a potential recipe for utter chaos.

This doesn’t mean it’s an impossible venture. Making the decision to switch is arguably the most difficult part. Business Premium makes domain and email setup easy for any sized business and has lots of migration and importing tools if you’re coming from another platform.

These features aren’t necessarily the easiest to understand or to implement. In fact, the complexity may be more than you want to handle yourself. Companies are partnering with a Managed IT services firm for their IT needs. Managed services firms will almost always offer implementation and support for device and app management, so they will operate most efficiently when that advanced framework is available to them. If you haven’t implemented these features yet, here at Sherweb we can help.

Sync from anywhere with everyone

When it comes to digital transformation there is an abundance of choices out there but with Business Premium your business can get everyone on the same system and up-to-date quicker than ever! Business Premium brings together best-in-class Office apps and powerful cloud services. Local and web versions of the full Microsoft Office suite are included. Access to Microsoft’s more advanced tools like SharePoint and Intune for device management are also available to help the transition.

Comprehensive security

Maintaining the security of your business is of the utmost importance. Especially as you move things off-premises. Concerned about how you can effectively transform your company in a technology age where security breaches are making worldwide news? Business Premium has you and the best interest of your business in mind! Proprietary company information is secured with two forms of protection. First is Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP).

AIP allows documents to be tagged with different classifications and assign varying levels of protection and access to them based on those tags. The second security measure is Microsoft Defender for 365. It’s a 365-optimized version of the Microsoft Defender Security platform that provides antivirus and malware protection to data and endpoints.

When there is no risk of downtime or productivity loss (which is the case with so many other digital transformation options) staying ahead in your business becomes the priority. Want to learn more about how Microsoft 365 Business Premium can help your business digitally transform? Join Sherweb’s partner program for tailored guidance through the Microsoft partner ecosystem

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb