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Every MSP wants a competitive edge and grow their business beyond the startup stage. Yet many struggle with getting their digital strategies in place. We get it. As an MSP, you’ve probably let marketing fall to the bottom of your list, which is now buried under all your day-to-day tasks. However, if you’re not focusing on your MSP marketing strategy, then how can you possibly survive in today’s rapidly-changing business world?

3 essential ways to make your MSP marketing strategy a success

1) Understand what buyers want & how they want to buy

It’s hard enough to keep up with the changing habits of technology buyers. Now we have to know how they’re buying technology too? Yep! Marketing is the name of the game.

As many services move to the cloud, more and more MSPs are finding themselves in hot water because they don’t know how to manage customer expectations.

To understand this shift in the marketplace, it’s important to note that people are not necessarily interested in buying technology anymore. You need to make it about the services you’re offering around the technology you sell.

So, look for ways to create a unique bundle of essential services instead of selling individual items. Remember, your goal as an MSP is to simplify your offerings in a way that saves your customers time and money. The result? Their technology will not just work better. It will work for them and everyone will be happy.

2) Embrace your website as a sales tool

Your website is your secret weapon to attracting your ideal customer. It’s also the best tool to help guide your leads and prospects through the buyer’s journey and conversion. This is why content is king.

After identifying your customer base, you will unlock the key to the type of content that should be on your website. Appeal to them through various forms of digital dialogue. Wondering where to begin? Start by answering the following questions, and you’ll be on your way to developing a solid MSP marketing strategy.

To make sure your content is customer-centric:

  • Where do your prospects hang out online? Connect and engage with them on the social media channels they use.
  • How can you address some of their questions or pain points (blog posts, webinars, podcast)?
  • How do you solve their problems differently than anyone else?
  • What kind of offer can you provide them to build trust or help them make a purchasing decision (guide, eBook, whitepaper)?

The more customer-centric your content, the more traffic you will drive back to your website and to your call-to-actions.

Getting a little marketing boost from your Cloud Solutions Provider can help drive revenue opportunities for your SMB. One of the major perks about partner resources is the ability to leverage ready-to-go marketing material and tools to capture your target audience faster and with little effort on your part.

3) Use Google Analytics to help you make better marketing decisions

Don’t leave your marketing tactics up to chance. You should be tracking the activities on your website on a weekly basis so you see how visitors interact with your content. Your findings will help you decide what areas of your content needs improvement for better user experience.

Google Analytics can give you great insight on whether visitors are finding your content useful, and thus, coming back for more. Set up a recurring report each week that provides you with the top 10 activities on your site.

It’s a good idea to understand where traffic to your website is coming from. This will help you better strategize and focus your marketing efforts.

Move your MSP marketing strategy two steps forward

Convincing customers to buy cloud solutions is not easy. The ball is mostly in their court. And they often take their time to consult your website and various online data multiple times before they come to a buying decision.

How can you earn their trust online? Educate them with the right information. Show them how your solution can solve their headaches and give them control. When done right, your web presence could have tremendous impact on your business growth!

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb