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Let’s talk efficiency. Managed service providers (MSPs) face constant pressure to deliver timesaving and scalable solutions to their clients. One of the biggest time drains for MSPs is the manual provisioning of licenses and subscriptions. Repetitive tasks like this consumes valuable resources that could be better spent on strategic initiatives and client consultations.

You’ve got a million things on your plate—strategic consultations, security audits, proactive client care—and yet, you’re stuck bogged down in administrative quicksand. Constantly clicking and cranking through manual processes, can leave you feeling like you’re going nowhere fast. The good news? There’s a better way, and it involves ditching the outdated approach for a sleek, self-service solution that empowers both you and your clients. Because let’s be honest, in today’s cloud-powered world, spending hours wrestling with license provisioning isn’t productive.

We get it. Here at Sherweb, we understand the challenges MSPs face in maximizing efficiency. The good news is, there’s a way to ditch the outdated approach and embrace a future-proof solution that empowers both you and your clients. Let’s explore how a Self-Service Portal (SSP) can revolutionize the way you operate.

What is a self-service portal (SSP)?

A self-service portal is a web-based platform that allows your end-clients to manage their cloud services independently. Think of it as an extension of your trusted MSP services, offering your clients 24/7 self-service capabilities, where they can easily access information, manage subscriptions and provision licenses—all without needing your direct intervention.

Why your business needs a self-service portal

Businesses without an SSP face a mountain of potential issues they don’t even realize could be made easier, such as:

  • Time-consuming manual processes: Manually provisioning licenses is a repetitive task that consumes significant time for technicians. This reduces their capacity to focus on higher-value services like strategic consulting and security assessments.
  • Inefficient communication and delays: Clients often experience delays while waiting for MSPs to complete license provisioning requests. This can lead to frustration and hinder their productivity.
  • Limited client visibility: Without a self-service portal, clients lack real-time insights into their cloud subscriptions and license usage. This makes it difficult for them to manage their budget and optimize their cloud environment effectively.

How does Sherweb’s SSP benefit your business?

Our SSP is a game-changer for MSPs, offering a multitude of advantages:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Free yourself from the time-consuming task of manual license provisioning. The SSP empowers your clients to manage their own licenses, reducing your administrative burden and freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategic growth initiatives and higher-value services.
  • Improved client satisfaction: The SSP provides your clients with greater autonomy and control over their cloud environment with a centralized hub to view their subscriptions, track license usage, and make adjustments as needed. This improved self-service experience translates to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Greater growth & scalability: As your client base grows, the SSP automatically scales to accommodate their needs. You can onboard new clients quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing service quality.
  • Competitive advantage: The SSP positions you as a forward-thinking provider, offering innovative solutions that improve both your internal efficiency and your client experience. This sets you apart from competitors who are still bogged down by manual processes.

Key features of Sherweb’s SSP

The Sherweb SSP boasts a robust suite of features designed to benefit both you and your clients:

Key features and who benefits:

Feature Benefit Target audience
White-label & customizable Partner can fully brand the portal as their own offering. Partner & end client
Intuitive dashboard & user management Easy navigation and self-service user management tools for clients. End client
Subscription management View, increase or decrease subscriptions as needed. End client
User & license assignment Effortlessly assign and manage licenses.


Partner & end client
Auditing & governance Monitor changes and enforce permission controls. Partner

3 quick and easy steps to getting started with Sherweb’s SSP

The SSP is readily accessible through your existing Sherweb Partner Portal. Here’s a simplified onboarding process:

  1. Partner enables SSP: Complete a brief onboarding process then activate the SSP functionality within your Sherweb Partner Portal account.
  2. Partner creates user accounts: Designate user accounts for your end-clients within the SSP.
  3. Ready to use: Clients receive an email notification with login credentials and are now empowered to leverage the self-service features of the SSP.

If you’re looking for an experienced partner you’ve come to the right place!

Take back control of your time and deliver more value by implementing a self-service client portal. You can dramatically improve your operational efficiency, empower your clients and free up valuable resources to focus on delivering strategic IT services.

At Sherweb, we’re passionate about helping MSPs deliver exceptional value. Learn more about how we can help your MSP business grow. Not yet a Sherweb partner?

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner and see how our SSP can help your MSP business thrive!

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb