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We’ve been hyper-focused on simplifying business processes for our partners. A centralized partner portal to manage all your business from one place? Check. A growing suite of powerful billing integrations to be more efficient with your time? Done.

Adding free and open APIs to our solutions was a logical next step. Our new endpoints enable partners to tap into our data in all sorts of new ways to automate daily workflow and be more effective at selling their solutions.

Let’s dive in!
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What’s available now

Billing capability

Having an efficient cloud billing process is important for your business growth. Fortunately, operational effectiveness is one of our core pillars, and a huge part of our mission to help partners thrive. By integrating with our partner portal, you can start putting the right automation strategy in place to create more streamlined billing processes.

Here are the benefits:  

  • You’ll gain more visibility into your accounts payable and receivable process for better insight into your entire business;
  • You’ll be able to speed up invoice reconciliation—less time spent on manual work means you can devote more time to bigger business goals;
  • It’ll be easier to ensure reliable and accurate billing info, without the headaches associated with having to manually look for discrepancies.

How do I use it?

If you’re like many of our existing partners and end-clients, you probably have your own unique setups for your accounting processes. You can use our API’s billing capability to suit your business’s specific needs.

For starters, you can integrate your own billing tool, third-party software like Xero or Synchro, or PSA tools such as ConnectWise or Autotask with our partner portal. By doing so, you’ll achieve greater flexibility with the quote to cash process, from initial leads to billing.

Here’s another example. You can more easily build profitability reports for the products you buy and sell and better analyze your monthly growth—especially if you’re doing business with multiple vendors.

Connecting to our API’s billing capability can also make you more agile. With automated updates, you’ll be able to customize your financial workflows, limit manual errors and achieve more throughout your financial ecosystem.

What’s coming

Shopping capability

Stay tuned! We’ll be providing endpoints for licensing and ordering in the year ahead.

We all know how time-consuming managing customer info and orders can be when it’s done manually, particularly if you’re handling multiple accounts. Does this sound familiar? If so, you’ll be able to change that with our API’s shopping capability and capitalize on opportunities at speed.

This capability will allow you to integrate your e-commerce systems with Sherweb and stay in sync with our product catalog. You’ll be able to manage customer info, products, subscriptions and licenses in one place (or on the fly!), as well as process orders automatically.

Just imagine what you can achieve by leveraging a capability that supports an end-to-end e-commerce solution to replace administrative burdens. (Hint: a lot.) It’ll unlock the opportunity for you to provide your customers with a better experience at different stages of the buying process, sell your products more efficiently and advance your business.


Our developer portal

When it comes to getting the most of any API, arguably the most important aspect is making it easy to get started. We’ve made this possible with our developer portal.

The portal provides partners with quick access to our growing library of API offerings. But it’s much more than that; think of it as a self-service support hub with all the necessary information and services to help you achieve your integration goals.

You’ll find documentation containing what you need to know to work with each API, as well as tools to request access and even take our APIs for a spin. Need help with setup or have any questions? Our support team is just a click away and happy to walk you through the capabilities.

Share your ideas!

Collecting feedback has been essential in helping us determine what our partners need out of our APIs. We’ve learned a lot from our selected partners who’ve joined the beta phases of our APIs, through our feedback center where you’ve been sharing ideas, and talking to various partners about how we can empower their digital transformation initiatives.

On deck: We’re working on building a range of capabilities so more of our partners can find options to meet their exact needs. Going forward, we’ll share more of what’s coming next on our API roadmap. In the meantime, happy connecting!

Ready to get started? Explore Sherweb APIs and learn more about connecting your tech stack with our partner portal. Interested in becoming a Sherweb partner? Sign up here.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb