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A business is only as efficient as its processes. Take all the technology solutions you use daily as a managed service provider (MSP), for instanceSoftware like remote monitoring and management (RMM)professional services automation (PSA) and other tools keep workflows humming along. 

When things are integrated and work well together, business life is so much easier. Tedious, laborious and time-consuming data processes are automatedWhat used to take hours can now be achieved in minutes, creating processes that are more streamlined and efficient.  

APIs make this happen.


Coming soon: Sherweb APIs 

Our brilliant development team has been busy building application programming interfaces (APIs), and we’re on schedule to release our first API integration in December 2020 

This will mark a giant leap towards achieving a major goal—making it easier for our partners to connect applications such as Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate to our partner portalIn fact, our upcoming APIs represent one of our core differentiatorshelping our partners simplify the way they work and achieve peak operational effectiveness. 


Why APIs? 

Streamlining critical business processes is key, and we want our partners to find options readily available to meet their exact needs. While our online portal offers a diverse stack of PSA tools and integrations including QuickBooks Online and Desktop, ConnectWise and Autotasknot all our partners are using those solutions.  

Enter APIsWith provided program interfaces, partners now have the flexibility to integrate workflows across the tools they’re already using!  

So, whether you’re a service provider, distributor, supplier or client, you can connect your systems with Sherweb and say goodbye to manual data reconciliation and copying and pasting between windows, applications, accounts—you get the ideaIn other words, eliminate repetitive tasks that are better left automated.  


What Sherweb APIs mean for MSPs 

Off the top of your head, what bottlenecks can you think of that are slowing you down? Reconciling and reviewing customer data, building reports for the products you buy and sell, formatting invoices—all these things can be complicated and drive inefficiency.   

Fortunately, in our ever more connected world, APIs can augment certain areas of your tool stackBy connecting other products and allowing them to load information from one system into another, you’ll open up possibilities for automation and more seamless workflows. And who doesn’t want that?  

Let’s explore how APIs can turn your world around: 

  • Improved accuracy: Manual business activities can quickly become unmanageable. Anything from tracking every customer update to entering or verifying information is nearly impossible to maintain and can lead to errors. APIs enable a unified view of your key operations while automating administrative tasks across the board.   
  • Lower cost: Moving over to automated systems has its perks, but it can also be an expensive and grueling process. That’s where APIs come in. They let you automate your internal operations with minimal technical expertisecutting down on the cost spent on management, infrastructure or additional overhead.  
  • Streamlined business processes: Want to simplify your life and offer a better experience for your customers? Connect to APIs and become a leaner businessIt means reducing hassles and doing more with less using the tools you like to use.  
  • Saved time: Integrating your own applications helps to reduce current operational burdensleaving you with more time to focus on work that matters. With greater connectivity comes the ability to quickly retrieve and update account information using our partner portal. 

We have a lot of work going on in the background and will keep you in the loop about the new endpoints we’re building. To learn more about integrating with Sherweb, feel free to reach out to us anytime, or explore our partner guide for more ways Sherweb partnership can take your business further. 

What features would you like to see in our API to empower your apps? Let us know and share your feedback here! Your answers will be used to help plan our API roadmap.  

Streamline your business

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb