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Today’s IT services environment is highly competitive, making integrations a necessity for businesses operating in this niche.

The good news is that businesses have a wealth of productivity-enhancing tools at their disposal – from remote monitoring to security management, and now billing automation as well. Those who do not leverage these solutions put their business and clients at a significant disadvantage.

Gone are the days when businesses used to worry about unknown financial variables, waiting for checks to clear and snail mailing invoices. Many business owners are now using professional service automation software like QuickBooks to simplify their lives and eliminate most of these uncertainties and redundancies.

With the QuickBooks online and desktop invoicing integration available directly in the Sherweb partner portal, our partnering businesses can automate invoices, reduce errors, speed up payments, and ensure steady cash flow in real-time. They get the freedom to concentrate on core business aspects and improve productivity while automating time-consuming and complex billing tasks.


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Benefits of using QuickBooks for Sherweb partners


Some businesses offer flexible contracts giving their customers the freedom to add or remove additional services at any given moment.  Moreover, the particulars and time frame of contracts are different for each client, which means that they have to deal with varying cycles of billing simultaneously.

For scalable IT solutions that allow clients to pay on a prorated basis, businesses need to provide as accurate a bill as possible or risk a loss.

Keeping this in mind, Sherweb created the QuickBooks integration for partners to simplify their invoicing needs. Using this integration, partners can create, prorate, and automate invoices directly from the partner portal. It allows our partners to save hours of work each month while delivering on customer expectations.


A more streamlined administrative process with time to spare

The QuickBooks integration removes the need for extensive paperwork so our partners can prepare invoices online quickly and easily.

SMBs often use comprehensive spreadsheets to keep track of their transactions, expenses, and revenues. But with QuickBooks software, it is possible to crunch numbers, transfer payments, and track expenses with a few clicks.

It takes a few minutes to set up the integration with our partner portal. All your data is present on the cloud, and it can quickly be imported into QuickBooks so you can easily sort income from expenses and automatically pull up relevant information for specific invoices.

There’s no need to rush to prepare invoices at the last minute.

This ensures that all invoices sent are up-to-date thanks to continuous synchronization of all billing information.


Encrypt your invoices and monitor your financial position in real-time

Client data is sensitive, and businesses can’t risk it falling into the wrong hands. The QuickBooks desktop integration makes sure that internal and external information is secure when it’s uploaded on the partner portal.

No one but the authorized personnel from your organization can alter the numbers present in invoices and other sensitive billing information. Refined security measures like encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification make sure that unauthorized individuals can’t intercept or read the data you send to your client or vice versa.

Our partnering businesses need to know where they are money-wise to make decisions about their future direction and plan their budgets. The QuickBooks integration enables our partners to retrieve financial reports like to ease top-level decision making.


Faster payments with smart invoices

The QuickBooks online integration gives our partnering businesses the option to create smart invoices that customers can pay easily, with one click. Any service performed for a particular client appears on the invoice and gets consolidated in the final invoice that is sent over to the client.

Our partners often bill their clients on a recurring monthly basis, and monitoring cash flow becomes a problem when there are many clients with overlapping billing cycles. This means that they’re putting their money on hold if they only send their invoice at month-end.

Prorated invoicing through QuickBooks online or desktop integration allows our partners to send partial or custom amounts to clients, with sales tax accounted for, and update it continuously as the project nears completion.

Smart invoicing allows your clients to pay immediately through a ‘Pay Now’ button – giving them the flexibility to pay how they choose (credit card or online transfer).


Customized invoices that are consistent with company branding

When dealing with large clients, our partners need to make a lasting impression to get those clients to return. With the option of creating visually stunning invoices customized with company branding (logo and colors), our partners can create a personalized and professional invoice to stay consistent with their brand.

In addition to branding, the customization option also lets managers add detailed information about each line item on the invoice. This makes it more convenient for customers to reconcile the invoices and also pay them on time.

Additionally, the QuickBooks integration saves valuable time as both you and your client are notified of late payments. There’s no hurry because you can retrieve and send invoices based on your progress with a particular client.


Improve your service level

In the service sector, client relationships matter immensely, and it’s no different for our partners who strive to provide the highest caliber of customer satisfaction to their clients.

With the QuickBooks integration, whether you use the online or desktop version, you can automate your payrolls and minimize errors while communicating effectively with the client – making it a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

You and your team can experience better collaboration when slow and mundane tasks like billing and invoicing are optimized. This allows you to reallocate resources to more pressing issues like acquiring more clients while maintaining relationships with existing customers and growing your business.

Giving clients the freedom and flexibility to pay for your services through credit cards or free online transfers highlights that you care for them – leading to a more trustworthy relationship.

Apart from that, you can even reward new and existing clients for paying earlier through incentives like percentage discounts on pre-tax sales invoices thanks to the QuickBooks online or desktop integrations available in the Sherweb partner portal.


Get support as and when needed, courtesy of sherweb

Many business owners are using QuickBooks invoicing software as it’s designed to speed up invoice preparation, so they get paid on time. This helps their businesses take on bigger, more complex projects that impact their bottom lines positively.

As a Sherweb partner, you get the ability to simplify your lives and businesses by automating administrative processes, improving customer experience directly from your partner portal, while gaining the advantages mentioned above. Sherweb also offers additional priority technical support to its partners when they need it most.

The QuickBooks integration puts your business priorities front and center by automating and organizing your business billing process and making it hassle-free for your clients. Divert your financial and human resources to immediate tasks that generate higher revenue.

Don’t take on the arduous task of filling out invoices manually, risking omissions and inaccuracies that cost your business – automate the process while reducing errors. Get the QuickBooks mobile and desktop integration for Sherweb partners here.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb