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Sherweb is committed to providing more value for its partners and extended partner network. —we live and breathe it internally, externally and, well, existentially!

But what does our commitment to providing value actually mean? In order to concretely describe what we’re talking about and what it means for our partners, we’ve organized our external mission, vision and mandate to cover four value-added services: cloud solutions and products, business strategy, operational effectiveness and supportive expertise.

This blog series includes a post for each pillar that elaborates on what it entails, and how it reflects our commitment to help partners achieve their goals. In this article, we’re talking business strategy.

Focus on your next step

Helping partners finesse their business strategies and achieve their individual goals is a huge deal for us. We accomplish this by making it easy for partners to keep up with the latest tech trends, learn best practices and network with other organizations in our partner program. We also make ourselves as accessible as possible so that we can brainstorm, plan and work out complex issues alongside partners.

To break it down even further, we work to facilitate partners’ business strategy by focusing on four key areas: partnership, programs, training and processes.

  1. Partnership: Having a partner that looks out for your business goals is a major leg up. That’s who we aim to be, and we’re here to help you Our partnership programs can be customized to suit your organization. Our diligent account managers assess partner needs, help build roadmaps and give expert advice on opportunities worth investing your time and money in. We also offer a multitude of different resources to help you take advantage of those opportunities.
  2. Programs: Sherweb has an entire Partner Success Team dedicated to initiating and executing programs to bolster your business activities for maximum returns. Such programs can include Marketing Development Funds (MDF), learning and networking events, or initiatives that provide shareable content or sales incentives such as promotional bundles. As an award-winning Microsoft partner, we’re also well-equipped to help you navigate the training and relevant resources to help make you the expert. Webinars, product and sales guides, scoping and quoting tools, white-boarding and one-on-one sessions are just a few examples of what we can offer. It’s all kept in our extensive partner toolbox, which you can browse anytime at your own pace.
  3. Processes: Increasing efficiency and optimizing time management is easier said than done, but we strive to make this a reality for our partners. By offering valet, white-label services for technical support, migration and on-boarding, we allow partners to reclaim valuable time to spend on high-priority activities such as client management and acquisition.

You simply cannot grow your business without long-term planning, SMART goals and an awareness of what kinds of opportunities are out there. At Sherweb, we make strategy easier for you.

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What our partners have to say

Simran Chaudhry“When we have a new customer or a new opportunity, I’ll always reach out to my account manager, Alex, and get some advice, get his opinion, throw around some pricing options and he always comes back with great support and great help.” – Simran Chaudhry, VP Sales & Marketing, Creospark

Terry Krueger“When I have an issue or I come up with a problem that’s within the sales process, I have another team to go to, to be a sounding board and to help architect a solution that’s going to be a win for both us and the client.” – Terry Krueger, Director, Sales and Marketing, 3Points


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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb