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Sherweb considers the growth and prosperity of its partner network a massive priority. Our partners’ success is our success, and we’re fixated on positioning our partnerships to be as mutually beneficial as possible.

We’re so focused on providing value for partners, you could say it borders on obsession! We’ve incorporated this passion into four pillars that guide everything we do: cloud solutions and products, business strategy, operational effectiveness and expertise.

This blog series includes a post for each pillar that elaborates on what it entails, and how it reflects our commitment to help partners achieve their goals. In this article, we’re covering operational effectiveness.

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Simplify the way you work

As we confessed earlier, we’re borderline obsessed with finding even more ways to provide value. We approach this broadly by looking for ways to save partners time and money, while at the same time creating opportunities for business growth.

Enter our quest to supply partners with the means for supreme operational effectiveness. When you have the right tools to propel your business to maximum efficiency, your goals can be achieved that much faster. We make this happen for partners with our intuitive partner portal, comprehensive billing structure, seamless integrations and experienced migration capabilities.

Partner Portal: Easy to use and built based on partner feedback, our centralized portal makes managing your business a breeze. The ability to provision licenses and services, keep track of clients and oversee your Sherweb partnership from one spot saves precious time by cutting down on tedious administrative tasks. What’s more, we regularly add new features and functionality to the partner portal to ensure that partners’ user experience continually improves.

Billing: Complicated billing procedures are a serious waste of your time. With Sherweb, partners receive one monthly bill complete with all the necessary details included. We can be flexible on when you receive it, whether it’s at the end of the month or corresponding with date your partnership was activated. Our billing is also adaptable! As long as we’re notified about changes, we can update billing cycles to match the right number of licenses, so partners can avoid bill shock in the event of discrepancies. We also try to be accommodating with how you access your bills, so we made it possible to export invoices as PDF or CSV files, right from the partner portal.

Integrations: Remember how we said we add new functionality to our partner portal to improve user experience? Our available integrations are a representation of that commitment. With professional services automation (PSA) tools such as ConnectWise, Autotask, Tigerpaw and Kaseya, partners can automate and unify critical activities like billing, invoicing, proration and help desk tasks. By providing tools that save partners time and streamline their day-to-day activities, they can focus on bigger priorities. For example, partners can refocus time reclaimed from manually generating invoices into following up with more qualified leads for customer acquisition. That time could also be spent launching a new a product or service ahead of schedule.

Migration: Sherweb has successfully migrated data for more than 50,000 organizations. We know what we’re doing, and we understand that our partners don’t always have the time or the manpower to offer fast migration services to their clients without slowing themselves down. Our migration data services (MIDAS) teams are reliable, adaptable to partner and end-client schedules, and get the job done quickly with no data loss or downtime. Migration services are also free, saving you time and money to again refocus on more important areas of your business.

Enabling partners to achieve peak operational effectiveness by simplifying the way they work represents our drive to provide more value in a major way. Your business needs to be efficient in order to grow, and that’s why we make boosting your efficiency a top priority.

Want to check out some of our available integrations? See our product sheets for Autotask and ConnectWise.

What our partners have to say

Reza Palizban“The Sherweb partner portal is very easy to use. First and foremost, it’s got a great user experience. You come and you can find your customers quickly, go in and add licensing.” – Reza Palizban, VP of Business Development, WorldEdge


Robert Hirtzer“Sherweb offering migration services to us allows us to focus on other issues for the clients such as getting their new software installed and getting their on-premise environment ready to work with the new offering, whatever it may be.” – Robert Hirtzer, President, Tier 2 Networks

Simran Chaudhry“Partnering with Sherweb allows us to really focus on our customers, focus on our business goals. And that’s simply because Sherweb provides that great support to take care of what they do best, allowing us to take care of what we do best.” – Sim Chaudhry, VP Sales and Marketing, Creospark

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb