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Managed service providers (MSPs) not currently capitalizing on cybersecurity offerings are missing out on a major opportunity. They’re also potentially creating greater risk for themselves and for their clients by not taking a proactive approach to fighting malware and providing data protection.

Endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) are great areas to start for MSPs looking to do more to protect their clients, especially when it comes to threats like ransomware. For organizations that have experienced a data breach due to ransomware, 44% said it entered their environment via a phishing email, malicious link or website. An infected patch or software package acted as the vector for 41% of attacks, and 26% were breached due to a zero-day vulnerability.

EPP and EDR solutions are crucial when it comes to preventing these types of attacks. There are also tons of options out there for MSPs to choose from. It can, however, be a challenge deciding which solution stack will best suit clients’ various needs. Fortunately, Malwarebytes has a comprehensive array of services and add-ons that make sure your customers are covered according to security best practices.

What solutions does Malwarebytes offer?

Malwarebytes offers complete, cloud-based malware protection and remediation designed for MSPs and their clients. Accessible from a single multi-tenant platform, Malwarebytes services enable MSPs to manage endpoint security for all their clients with thorough detection, monitoring and threat hunting capabilities in addition to rapid remediation. Malwarebytes also provides seamless integration with remote monitoring and management (RMM), security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), and security information and event management (SIEM) tools, making it a great option to layer on top of other cybersecurity tools to fill gaps in coverage as well as make deployment across tenants as simple as possible.

Depending on your clients’ specific requirements, Malwarebytes can outfit MSPs with the following to create or complement a robust endpoint security offering:

  • Incident Response
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Endpoint Protection for Servers
  • Endpoint Protection and Response for Servers

Exploring Malwarebytes services and solutions

Let’s dive deeper into the services listed above, which can be used alone or in conjunction with one another or an MSPs existing security stack.

Incident Response

MSPs might have monitoring and detection software in place to identify threats in their clients’ ecosystems, but responding to every alert and remediating vulnerabilities and threats can take a toll on internal resources. Compounding the issue is the fact that the longer security teams take to address incidents, the greater the risk of the vulnerability or threat causing (potentially irreversible) damage becomes.

Malwarebytes Incident Response helps improve efficiency and security posture by automating security processes and speeding up remediation efforts. With plenty of API integrations to connect with currently deployed security tools, the service also helps organizations orchestrate complete responses to threats across their entire environment.

Endpoint Protection

One of the nastiest things about malware is that it can affect multiple endpoints within a single company at once, whether it’s laptops, desktops, mobile devices, printers or other connected hardware. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection keeps disasters from happening using machine learning, advanced threat intelligence and lightweight defense that doesn’t compromise system performance.

Using Endpoint Protection, security teams can shield users from downloading malicious attachments and programs, scam networks and sites and remote code executions among other threats. Using powerful behavioral analytics, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection can also prevent zero-day threats by detecting anomalous activity and analyzing signatureless payloads that other security tools miss. The service also profiles different threats across device memory, applications and files for increased accuracy and fewer false positives.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Protecting endpoints is one task, but detecting threats as they appear and deploying appropriate responses is an equally critical job. Malwarebytes EDR offers isolation and remediation for Windows, Mac and Linux, making it a powerful service for MSPs with clients using different operating systems.

In the event of an attack, Malwarebytes EDR stops malware from wreaking havoc without disrupting productivity through three levels of isolation: network, process and desktop. By doing so, a company can continue to operate as usual with only affected applications and access points temporarily halted. Guided threat hunting also takes users through indicators of compromise to provide visibility on malicious activity that might be moving laterally through environments to infect different endpoints.

For Windows operating systems, Malwarebytes EDR also comes with an extremely useful ransomware rollback function. In case of a potentially crippling ransomware attack, organizations can return their environment to a previous state before their files were encrypted, deleted or modified.

Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response for Servers

Beyond physical devices, servers are also valuable endpoints that businesses, security teams and IT providers need to take care to protect from malware and other threats. Malwarebytes can help out here as well, working to keep server infrastructure operational in order for organizations to remain functional.

Available for Windows and Linux servers, this service offers essentially the same capabilities that Malwarebytes provides for various hardware. Through network, process and server isolation, malware is blocked from infiltrating additional systems and assets, reducing the risk of costly outages and downtime that prevent organizations from operating their business.

Malwarebytes security modules to further enhance your protection

On top of incident response, EPP and EDR services, MSPs can also take advantage of the following to complement their security offering.

DNS Filtering

Especially with an increasing amount of remote and hybrid work environments, it’s important for businesses to ensure their systems stay safe regardless of where employees are connecting from. Tacking DNS Filtering onto your EPP or EDR offering helps block environments from malicious websites and servers, protect web applications and maintain an organization’s policies for safe browsing. It can also prevent employees from accessing websites that are detrimental to their productivity.

Vulnerability Assessment

It’s always helpful to be able to assess a company’s IT infrastructure to ensure no threat goes undetected. This add-on enables users to continuously monitor for existing vulnerabilities and prioritize them according to severity. Additionally, it provides a list of available patches for vulnerabilities scanned.

Patch Management

New malware signatures are identified all the time, along with patches to fix the vulnerabilities that malware was created to exploit. The problem is that many organizations lack the resources to consistently check for and deploy those patches. This add-on solves that problem. Complete with a regularly updated list of patches, MSPs and their clients can automate patching, close security gaps and speed up threat remediation without taking time away from other activities, security related or otherwise.

Managed Detection and Response

It’s not just MSP clients that find themselves strapped for security expertise. MSP’s themselves need support implementing threat monitoring and remediation, particularly when it comes to offering 24/7 coverage. For providers looking for additional analysis and threat hunting capabilities, the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) add-on can leverage the power of Malwarebytes’ own security teams. Depending on your MSP’s—and your individual clients’—needs, Malwarebytes can carry out remediation on your behalf, or guide you through the process. Either way, your clients will be monitored and protected around the clock.

Want to learn more about how Malwarebytes can deliver cybersecurity for your MSP’s clients?

EPP and EDR are integral to keeping businesses safe from malware and other security threats. Malwarebytes has a lot to offer both MSPs and their customers, and is recognized as a leading security vendor for enterprise and SMBs alike. Delivered via Sherweb’s value-added cloud marketplace, MSPs can rest assured they’re putting their best foot forward when it comes to offering leading solutions designed to protect clients’ digital ecosystems.

Want to learn more about Malwarebytes’ lineup of solutions? Reach out to us to start a conversation, or join Sherweb’s partner program to get started.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb