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What exactly do you think of when you picture security? Is it spam filtering? Endpoint protection? Identity and access?

To be frank, it’s all those things and more. But today we’re talking about an element of security that should never be overlooked: backups and disaster recovery.
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Businesses are still neglecting disaster recovery

It’s incredible to think there are still so many organizations out there with no disaster recovery plan or backup procedures enabled to ensure—in the event of catastrophe—they can restore operations within a predictable timeline and with least potential loss of data and equity. These organizations live in a constant state of disbelief that ‘it will never happen to me,’ or think their investment isn’t worth the potential loss they could accrue if they were to lose all their information.

There was recently an incident involving game developer Facepunch (of the popular game Rust), where a fire in the host datacenter cost all the data housed on 25 servers. This equates to thousands of users having lost their game worlds and everything saved within. Players who spent countless hours questing and who knows how much money on special items or other in-game products lost everything.

This company was just not prepared. If they had a proper disaster recovery plan, they could have been back up and running within hours. If they had at least had backups, they could have restored all that data for users eventually. Unfortunately, in this instance, all data housed on the affected servers is gone. What they may have assumed would never happen, actually did happen to them. And it could happen to anyone!

Don’t let your business become the next ‘recent incident’

Only time will tell how this event will affect Facepunch financially, but it should be a lesson to anyone with an infrastructure housing data potentially worth thousands or millions of dollars. It should even speak to IT professionals who’ve spent dozens of hours of effort and sweat building everything only to have it all go up in smoke. Your business needs a disaster recovery plan and should be using a backup service.

If you’re ready to stop saying ‘surely, this will never happen to me,’ but aren’t sure what type of backup is right for you, please reach out to us. We can discuss what services Sherweb can offer to suit your specific needs, help you put together a disaster recovery plan, and ultimately help you avoid a similar costly mistake.

Stay safe out there!

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb