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Email is one of the most widely used communication platforms, if not the most commonly used medium. From business documentation to marketing campaigns, every individual and commercial entity relies on email to disseminate information and carry out professional communication.

According to Statista, 281 billion emails were sent and received in 2018 daily. Astounding, right? That number is predicted to bump up to 347 billion daily emails in 2022.

As email communication experiences continued growth, hackers across the world have optimized their strategies to make maximum use of email for their dangerous motives. This has levied increased responsibility on ITOs and CTOs to bolster their organization’s email protection strategy.


Take a look at what Proofpoint email protection can do for you


The need for email protection

Due to the overwhelming popularity of email communication, it is only rational that hackers utilize this channel to inflict damage. The fact that organizations should deploy email protection software should also be logical at this point, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

92% of all malware that affects individuals and organizations across the globe is transferred via email. In fact, an absolute majority of IT experts (56%) have already identified phishing as the top security threat for businesses across the world.

And it is not just small- and medium-sized businesses that have been fooled into downloading malware-filled attachments or opening spam links. Some of the biggest companies in the world have also been conned by phishing attempts.

Google and Facebook are two technology giants that you expect to be well-fortified against cybercrime. What if I tell you that both companies lost more than $100 million between 2013–2015 through phishing attempts that involved fake invoices?

Hackers attempting to imitate senior executives or other key stakeholders have scammed hundreds of millions of dollars. There are abundant examples of such scenarios, which further go on to reinstate the importance of email protection.

Not only should companies ensure the enforcement of email security best practices, but they should also invest in advanced email protection software that can identify and remediate such attempts at the earliest sign of a threat.

Why is email protection crucial going forward?

Email threat protection refers to various techniques organizations can deploy to protect the data and confidential information that is stored in their email accounts.

As one of the most heavily targeted platforms for malware, phishing, and spam-filled attacks, email security has become an increasingly important consideration for companies and organizations across the globe.

The phishing statistics obtained from various industry surveys reveal a worrying picture. According to the Internet Crime Report issued by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), there were more than 20,000 complaints of compromised business email accounts (BEC), which resulted in adjusted losses over $1.2 billion.

Additionally, phishing attempts numbered more than 26,000 complaints, which led people to be scammed out of more than $48 million.

Likewise, Proofpoint discovered the same trend was also prevalent across Fortune 500 customers. In their quarterly report titled “Protecting People: A Quarterly Analysis of Highly Targeted Attacks,” they also analyzed excessive phishing attempts, which reinstates the dire need for email threat protection.

Generic email accounts used by organizations, like ‘’ were most vulnerable. They received highly targeted malware and phishing emails due to their broad data access and easy to obtain nature.

The solution: Proofpoint email protection

Proofpoint email protection software is one of the most popular and highly effective email security products that offers a comprehensive set of tools and practices to safeguard your email data.

A prizewinner of the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader for Email Gateways in 2015, there is no debating the quality and reputation Proofpoint has garnered over the years.

Combined with Sherweb’s advanced email protection program, Proofpoint email protection allows you to get proactive against global threats that may be faced by your end clients.

Including industry-leading security practices, like an email filtering best method to identify and highlight any new emails that may be potentially dangerous, this program offers you around-the-clock email security against the most sophisticated threats.

What it offers

Simply put, the Proofpoint email protection program is your one-stop solution to all email-related threats. Not only does the application integrate leading threat identifiers to ensure high accuracy, but it also allows MSPs to administrate and manage the settings involved.

Here is a list of features offered by Proofpoint’s email protection plan:


As the core offering, security is the highlight of the entire program. The software deploys a signature-based anti-virus that identifies threats based on crucial signatures that Proofpoint has experienced over the years.

The program also follows email filtering best practices by screening outbound emails and zero hours. Threat detection is also included across all variants to ensure maximum security.

The higher account versions support essential URL defense, Attachment defense, and Data Loss Prevention features, which allow email attachments and other links to be classified safe or as a threat, based on their status.

The advanced version offers maximum security, combining all security features with email encryption and social media account protection to complete a holistic email protection plan.

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Proofpoint’s advanced email protection plan offers MSP administrators complete management control of their email security.

From managing multi-level logins to ensuring email logs remain complete, the management console allows you to tailor the settings for your needs.

Key Features

Proofpoint offers seamless integration with leading email platforms to ensure the best possible experience for your end-users. Here are the key features of this program:

Advanced threat protection

The software’s trademark Targeted Attack Protection™ ensures your high-value data remains safe from the various cybercrime threats such as spear-phishing attacks and imposter emails.

Machine learning analysis

As threat actors continue to evolve and advance their strategies according to advancing technology, it is imperative that email protection techniques continue to grow as well.

Proofpoint email protection includes their trademark Comprehensive Spam Detection Proofpoint MLX™ technology that continues to analyze new threats to make sure you are not fooled, even from the most cunning of attacks.

Email continuity

Email downtime can adversely affect important business communication. With Proofpoint, you leverage an Emergency Inbox that allows all users automatic access to their email.

As cybersecurity continues to increase in its relevance and importance in current times, Sherweb is dedicated to providing our partners with industry-leading solutions that can help safeguard confidential business data of your clients.

With no obligations or setup fees and a money-back guarantee included in the package, Proofpoint email protection is undoubtedly worth a try for MSPs keen to provide nothing but the best for their clients. Contact us today if you want to offer you clients email security.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb