Dynamics 365

Run your
business with one application

Simplify the way you work with Dynamics 365. Cover every aspect of your business with applications for Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management.

Dynamics 365

Run your
business with one application

Simplify the way you work with Dynamics 365. Cover every aspect of your business with applications for Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management.

What is Dynamics 365?

It’s a collection of CRM and ERP applications that help business owners build better relationships with their customers and optimize their operations. Dynamics 365 connects data from many sources to give you new insights into your company’s sales, customer service and back‑end operations.

Applications that drive your business growth

Imagine how easy it would be to start your working day with all the data you need, all in one place. Manage all your customers and take the right steps to close more deals. Manage your inventory from your mobile device. Dynamics 365 makes it simple.

Customer Relationship Management

Get more insight into your customers’ needs so you can focus on the right clients to win more deals. Create personalized documents and emails for your sales team and connect with customers on LinkedIn to get more information about their company and employees.


Your customer service agents will have a 360-degree view of each customer, including a full history of customer interactions and preferences. They can also interact with customers on their favorite platform – chat, SMS, email, smartphone or Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service

Run targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns with email marketing, web landing pages and events. Use configurable templates to create personalized campaign assets. Managing company events has never been so easy!


Track customer warranties, view repair history and maintenance schedules from one application. Manage your inventory from your mobile device. Need a specific technician for a job? Find out who has the right skills with Field Service.

Field Service

Enterprise Resource Planning

Get a complete view of your company’s financial situation, all from one application. Monitor cash flow, manage inventory and invoice your customers. Stay up to date on your account schedules, budgets, sales orders and vendor management.


Run a more efficient warehouse. Use machine learning to avoid stock shortages or overstocking. Prevent downtime, increase product quality and identify potential problems with machine learning before they occur. Plan your production in real time.

Supply Chain Management

Make it easier for your customers to buy your products any time they want and with any device they choose. Connect digital, in-store and back-office operations on one platform. Build customer loyalty by offering a customized selection of products based on data you’ve collected.


Optimize your HR programs. Find and hire the right candidates by adding LinkedIn Talent Solutions to your recruiting process. Provide your managers with data on their team’s performance so they can address concerns before they become problems. Let your employees be more independent by letting them manage their own training, performance tracking and time-off requests.

Human Resources

Manage your entire company from one application. Connect data from all departments, such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Field Service and store it in a single database. Your staff will be more productive and you’ll have a better view of your operations.

Business Central

Build plans with templates that can be used again and adjusted for each project. Get a clear view of which stage you’re at and who is working on what. Determine at a glance if the project is profitable and will meet the customer’s expectations.

Project Operations

Power Platform

Find new ways to manage, automate and analyze your business data. Designed specifically for a non-technical user. Power Platform includes the following products:

A business analytics tool that analyzes and models data with interactive visual reports, dashboards and stories. Helps you present data in a simplified format and understand it to make improvements easier.

Power BI

An intuitive platform with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to build a user interface for a mobile application and add controls such as choice fields and text boxes. Users can create and run apps on web browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome or use them on iOS, Android or Windows devices.


Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, this product allows users to build customized workflows from scratch, set up alerts and create automated emails. No coding knowledge required. Save time, reduce human error and simplify your processes.

Power Automate

Non-technical users can build virtual chatbots or agents from scratch and monitor their performance. Manage the entire development life cycle of a chatbot, from the information flow to the development stage, all the way to deployment on a channel like Teams. No coding required.

Power Virtual Agents

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