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Advisor Program

Vermont-based Forte Computer Services is a technology consulting company that designs, installs and supports networks and cloud solutions for small businesses. In recent years, FCS has seen its clients’ needs dramatically evolve, particularly their need to access data, email and wp-content from various devices and various locations. As a long-time SherWeb Hosted Exchange and Online Backup customer itself, FCS already knew first-hand the productivity-boosting and cost-saving potential of cloud services. The problem? Convincing its tech-conservative clients who were not only reluctant to adopt new technologies, they knew little to nothing about “the cloud.”

FCS found a simple solution: Joining SherWeb’s Advisor Program and referring clients. Its efforts are now being rewarded with recurring monthly commissions. Even better, its clients are delighted with SherWeb’s services—especially its 24/7 support.


Find a complete solution to fit clients’ needs while developing business in the cloud through great products and flawless support.


SherWeb’s Advisor Program


FCS now earns recurring commissions, is attracting new customers, and is expanding its business in the cloud.

Its clients can now communicate smoothly from anywhere and from any device, increasing productivity and profitability.


Avoiding unstable web solutions

Educating customers about the cloud was a big part of FSC’s main battle. Clients would often be tempted by “free” web solutions and make statements like, “My son told me about Dropbox” with no thought of support, stability, or integration. As their trusted IT consultant, FCS needed to ensure customers considered the bigger picture in order to avoid endless nightmares.

Replacing obsolete technology

Some of FCS’s clients faced emergency situations as their servers had been running outdated versions of Exchange or other business email platforms. In some cases migration to the cloud was urgent, but continuous assistance and email that is running within a few hours was something they could not overlook. In addition, many of these clients were not able to access email, contacts and calendar on all their devices. The impact on their efficiency was considerable.

Solving issues within minutes, no matter where

FCS’s staff members sometimes drive hours to get to clients. The last thing they need is to hear from their cloud service provider that support is too busy to solve an issue right now. Furthermore every issue, whether slight or critical, requires follow-ups: FCS relies on strong support to maintain the solid reputation it build over time.


FCS joined the Advisor Program sometime after becoming a SherWeb customer itself. By referring customers to SherWeb’s premium cloud services, it quickly received commissions for each customer it referred. The best part: SherWeb takes care of support backstage so FCS can focus on expanding its business in the cloud.


Saving clients thousands of dollars

A law firm in Vermont turned to FCS for assistance with a failed server and no backup. Within a few hours, their email was up and running and the firm was able to access email from the web using any platform. Migrating the emails from Outlook to SherWeb’s servers was done in hours. Because it didn’t have to buy a new server, the law office was able to immediately save $10,000 on top of additional annual savings on labor and data recovery.

Keeping the customer happy

Wanting to offer a frustration-free experience to its customers, FCS developed a simple process to ensure things run smoothly. They first assess clients’ needs, followed by a quick check with the Advisor Manager at SherWeb for goals and requirements, place orders for the services, and shortly after the migration specialists migrate data to SherWeb’s servers. This process ensures that new clients successfully on-board, with no loss or disruption to email flow.

Receiving the support you've been promised

Nowadays most support is sloppy, difficult to get through, with no follow-up and untrained techs. FCS wants the best for its business, therefore it demands the same for its customers. Through the Advisor Program, FCS can ensure its clients get a robust support team with techs who are polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and always available – 24/7 phone, chat or email support.

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