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Tundra Improves Efficiency by 30% after Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud

Xander Robar knows a thing or two about efficiency. When this Managed Service Provider was looking for a solution to a client’s payroll problem, he turned to SherWeb and its Performance Cloud servers.

Tundra is a Toronto-based recruiting firm that hires employees for technology and engineering companies around the world. Since opening its doors in 2004, Tundra has grown from 3 to 170 employees and now operates offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

The company was looking for an easy way for its two accounting teams to process weekly payroll for up to 5,000 employees. Their problem?

Their 20-member accounting team was working out of two separate offices in Toronto and Manila and had no way to consolidate file sharing. Each team was updating wp-content separately and saving them in Dropbox. Robar said it was a laborious process that was eating up an extra 10 hours a week.

Keep Data in Canada

Robar said he was searching for a datacenter for Tundra but he needed a solution that would allow the company to keep its data in Canada and have fast access to technical support. Tundra had considered using the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition, but found that Intuit, the software provider for QuickBooks, had specific restrictions about which applications could be installed on its servers. Robar said Tundra currently uses five applications that integrate with QuickBooks but Intuit allowed only one of them to be used. Robar convinced Tundra that hosting QuickBooks on Performance Cloud would protect its data and allow the company to be more productive.

Tundra used three virtual machines from Performance Cloud for data in Canada, the US and the UK. The result? The company improved efficiency by 25-30%. The accounting teams also gained about 10 hours a week in productivity.

Not an Easy Sell

Despite the success, Robar said the client wasn’t an easy sell. Tundra had always controlled its own data and wasn’t ready to send it to someone else. They also had a couple of unfortunate experiences with various IT providers and were a bit leery of the cloud. Robar contacted SherWeb for more information, and with case studies and partner references in hand, he was able to convince Tundra to make the move.

Data migration was another issue. Robar said because the accountants work 24/7 to accommodate different time zones, there was a very small window of opportunity to migrate the data. During the migration, he ran into a problem with the static IP address. However, he was able to get the problem resolved quickly, even if he had to get a technician out of bed at 4 a.m.

Robar said the positive experience with SherWeb’s hosting solutions has changed the way Tundra views the cloud. The company’s executives have gone from mistrusting the cloud altogether to having real faith in how it can help their business be more efficient.

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