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Establish Business Rules for Dynamics 365
Frederic Charest

Setting Up a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Practice

The Microsoft Dynamics suite of products, especially CRM and AX, has been placed front and centre of the strategy ever since Satya Nadella took over the chain of command at Microsoft. Billions of dollars have been spent on acquisitions, restructures, adoption funds, incentives, biannual software updates, etc., to boost cloud adoption. [+]

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Cyril Courrée

Get Started With The New SMB Offer For Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

For a limited time only, all new SMBs that subscribe to a CRM solution will get the Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service Enterprise plan for a special price. [+]

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Daniel Burla

Common Data Model in Dynamics 365 Demystified

With the announcement of the Microsoft 365 launch and merging the AX, CRM, and other Dynamics product lines into one that uses the common data model (CDM), the Microsoft developer community and users faced considerable curiosity, excitement, and the “fear of the unknown” at the same time. [+]

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Frederic Charest

Social Selling and Insights with LinkedIn and Dynamics 365

You no longer control sales, marketing, customer service, or product and service development. Your clients have taken over. They have stopped passively soaking up sales pitches and are purchasing only the services and products you choose to propose. Customers are now active participants in your business operations. Through the influence of networking and social media, clients can make or break you. [+]

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Frederic Charest

Calculate ROI for Your Dynamics CRM Project

It is becoming more and more common to use analytical CRM systems in business these days. Such systems study customers’ behavior, needs, and preferences in ways that help businesses make smart strategic decisions for the future.  [+]

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marketing tools for msps
Cyril Courrée

Empower Your Staff with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

CRM solutions are all about providing the best experience to your customers and empowering your employees. So, let’s have a look at the main functionalities of Dynamics 365 For Sales that will help you improve your business. [+]

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Guillaume Boisvert

Making Profits with Online Backup

CRM . CRM Online . Dynamics 365 . Dynamics 365 Sales . Dynamics CRM
Become a Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV Partner
Frederic Charest

Why Should You Use Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights as Your Personal Business Assistant?

Implementation of a business automatization system (one that gathers information about your customers and automates all possible business processes) is just the first step toward reaching your business goals. The next step is to use the information you get for decision making and strategic planning. [+]

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Noor Nahas

Outgrowing your accounting system? Discover Dynamics 365 Financials

Your business has reached the moment you dreamed of and thought you were ready to take on. Despite all the roadblocks, you made it this far with a patchwork of business and financial solutions, your hard work, and a dedicated team. Your business is expanding into markets you could only wish you were in a year ago. [+]

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