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In 2016 alone, Microsoft introduced 60 novel features to the Office 365 suite, along with other new products such as Groups, Planner, Teams, and Sway. And this hasn’t changed—Microsoft frequently updates Office 365 to stay ahead of the game. So how can you keep up with all of these new additions? And, more importantly, how can you teach your employees to make best use of Office 365 apps for productivity? The answer’s simple: with QuickHelp.


The Problem: Costly, ineffective training

The more your employees know, the more productive (and valuable) they’ll be. That’s why many companies across a number of industries invest in employee learning and development, particularly enterprise software training and corporate software literacy.

But there are several challenges associated with introducing new technology to any fast-paced corporate environment. If employees don’t use the software properly, its potential benefits will be forfeited. Moreover, traditional corporate training takes a lot of time before it becomes effective, as employees are often busy with meetings, seminars, and business trips—understandably, they can’t always drop everything they’re doing just for training.

QuickHelp is different—it offers high-quality training materials to help your employees make the most of Office 365 at their own pace. Let’s take a look at how it works.

QuickHelp: Personalized learning for Office 365

QuickHelp is a Microsoft-Azure-based e-learning solution that teaches your employees how to use various Office 365 apps and features, from anywhere and anytime. When used properly, a learn-by-doing platform such as QuickHelp can lead to better engagement, higher performance, and increased productivity. It helps employees adopt Microsoft business productivity technology at a rapid pace and changes the way they work by delivering personalized, relevant, and timely training.

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Benefits of QuickHelp

QuickHelp is the only intelligent e-learning solution that combines product expertise with a focus on bringing long-term change in the way users work. The platform:

  • Creates a culture of learning among staff.
  • Eases Office 365 suite deployment and adoption.
  • Increases collaboration and productivity among employees
  • Prevents user frustration with a personalized learning journey.
  • Reduces help-desk call volume while increasing user knowledge.
  • Helps you find exactly what you’re looking for with its easy-to-use interface and enhanced search capabilities.


Notable QuickHelp features

Personalized learning paths

QuickHelp eliminates irrelevant content with its focus on personalized training. On this platform, users can access materials that are most relevant to their skills, role, needs, and preferences. This, of course, helps fortify long-term learning. By creating a higher level of engagement, QuickHelp reduces the need for time-consuming and formal training.

With its context-rich solutions, QuickHelp can resolve any issues or questions your employees may have. Its bite-size videos are easy to consume, short (varying from just 10 seconds to 3-minute segments), easy to understand, and focused—they emphasize specific tasks within a given application, providing users with only the information they want. By delivering relevant content, QuickHelp keeps users coming back for more. Users can also tag their favorite training materials and share them with colleagues.

Accessible training on the go

The QuickHelp Office ribbon add-in allows users to view training videos throughout different Office 365 applications while staying focused on their work. It lets users browse videos through the ribbon tab so they can work more productively.


Employee training is an investment—make it count with QuickHelp

QuickHelp is the go-to on-demand training solution for your business to save countless hours and dollars each year. There are millions of end users that already depend on QuickHelp’s change management methodology for increased productivity and successful software deployments.

Want to build a high-performance workplace? Get started with QuickHelp’s on-demand training to help your employees take charge of their own learning. With just five minutes a day, your employees can easily learn new skills while getting more work done.

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