Quick question. How much do you know about VoIP and Telecom? You might have heard about the booming market for Cloud PBX, but do you feel qualified to make a solid sales pitch to your clients?

If you said no, we’d understand. Most MSPs spend a good part of their day either reselling various cloud solutions or going on-site to help their clients with technical issues. That doesn’t leave much time for boning up on all the latest products.

Consider this. A recent report by Zion Market Research has predicted that the global market for VoIP services is expected to reach $140 billion US by 2021.

Get Certified: How to Make a Solid Sales Pitch for Cloud PBX 

That’s one sizzling market. Wondering how to grab your piece of the pie? Not to worry. We’ve created a Cloud PBX Certification series that will teach you everything you need to know about building a solid offer for your clients. We currently have 3 certifications available and we’re planning to add more. By the time you’ve watched all 26 videos in our training series, you’ll have the ammunition you need. You’ll be ready to convince small business owners that Cloud PBX is cheaper and easier to manage than a traditional telephone system. You’ll also know how to create solid client quotes that will help you close more deals for SherWeb Cloud PBX.

Get Certified

One more thing. If you pass the quiz that follows each module, you’ll be certified on our Cloud PBX product. You’ll know how to sell it and you’ll understand how to use our Quoting Tool. Now, that’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!
Here’s a detailed look at the modules currently available in our Cloud PBX Certification series:

1. Product Deep Dive
2. Hooks & Pillars
3. The Quoting Tool

1. Product Deep Dive

This is your introduction to our Cloud PBX product and its features. We’ll take a detailed look at our Cloud PBX solution, including specific features and add-ons. Among other things, you’ll learn about why our Call Forwarding feature is different, what you can do with Call Recording and Detailed Records and the multiple IVR options offered by our Cloud PBX.

2. Hooks & Pillars

Getting ready to resell Cloud PBX can be difficult, but that shouldn’t prevent you from adding it to your portfolio of managed services. In this second module, we’ll teach you how to develop sales strategies for SherWeb Cloud PBX. Learn how to position your offer and handle client objections so you can upsell your current IT clients more easily.

3. The Quoting Tool

Once you’ve learned how to position your offer and handle client objections, it’s time to prepare your client quotes. Watch this module and learn how to use our Excel quoting tool.

There are just a few examples of the tips and tricks we’re offering resellers like you in our Cloud PBX Accreditation series. Are you ready to take advantage of this great opportunity? Register here.

Written by Janice Lavallee Marketing Content Writer @ SherWeb

Janice is a Content Marketing Writer for Dynamics 365 & IaaS. She has worked in Sales and Marketing for more than 15 years, creating messaging that will help resellers better understand the products they sell. When she’s not writing or editing, Janice can be found perfecting her serve and ground strokes on a tennis court. She’s an avid volunteer for the Rogers’ Cup tournament in Montreal.