There are many reasons customers make the switch to a cloud PBX. There are cost savings. There’s ease of use. There are productivity increases. Then, there are the offers. You’ve seen them. Free months. Free phones. Unlimited calling. Some providers might even be offering up their first born when you subscribe for a new line.

According to industry research from Eastern Management Group, chances are high that you and your customers will encounter more choices, offers, and variety in cloud PBX solutions than ever before. This often makes distinguishing between the good and the bad providers tough.

All Cloud PBX Providers Are not the Same

With over 1,000 of them in North America, cloud phone providers are starting to all look the same. They often use the exact same underlying software platforms, pricing models, and channel programs as their competitors.

To many, the only difference between cloud phone providers are the logos and color schemes.

Of course, that’s not true in reality. There are differences between modern providers doing it the right way, and the others who look the other way. That’s why using a great provider is essential to a successful, and long lasting deployment.

What You Get with the Right Cloud PBX Provider

When it comes to looking for a reliable provider to resell, there are three important things to be on the lookout for.


The great cloud PBX providers offer outstanding support to customers and partners. They know that it’s not what happens when things go right, but when something goes wrong, that matters most.

The best providers also know that customers value responsive support and quick issue resolution. This makes world-class support a hallmark of a good cloud PBX provider.

For example, with SherWeb, customers and partners get access to 24/7/365 support. This starts with pre-sales training, sales assistance, and then customer onboarding, setup, and usage.


In addition to support, reliability is another important quality of a great cloud phone services provider. Many providers promote a low cost of service, but it comes with the high price of unreliability. The ultimate goal of each of your clients is to be able to receive, or make, a call when it matters most.

A great cloud PBX provider recognizes they are only as great as their service is reliable. This means they have taken the proper steps to minimize service downtime and provide customers with guaranteed service levels.

At SherWeb, we offer customers and their partners a standard 99.999% service SLA. We can do this thanks to our redundant chain of backbone carriers and our distributed network of servers located in facilities dedicated to telecom.


We already stated that not all cloud PBX providers are created equal. The same goes for their ease of use. In addition to service support, and reliability, a great provider makes buying, setting up, and using their solutions a breeze.

Traditionally, PBX systems have been complex and not user-friendly. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that ease of use is something analog PBX users have complained about, and have been plagued by, for years.

While the average provider is certainly simpler and easier to use than legacy counterparts, that’s not always the case.

Low cost and open source-based systems often have cumbersome user interfaces. This often makes using them confusing and frustrating. Even larger providers with nice looking solutions can be difficult to use, thanks in part to the hundreds of “bells and whistles” they include to justify their high price points.

That’s why, at SherWeb, we’ve focused on making things simple and easy for partners (and their customers). Our customers enjoy all of the features that come in our services are included in the price right off the bat, like unlimited incoming and outgoing simultaneous calls, call forking, and HD voice.

Every cloud phone service order comes with auto-provisioned hardware that’s plug-n-play. We handle the porting of telephone numbers, a constant source of frustration for all involved. We even take care of things such as billing, and telecom taxes – all so you can focus on growing your business.

Finding a Great Cloud PBX Provider

Now that you’ve learned more about how valuable a great cloud PBX provider can be, and what exactly to look for when identifying one, it’s time for you to go find one!

To learn more about the great cloud PBX services that Sherweb has to offer, and how we can help you successfully resell services, schedule a free, no obligation demo with one of our professionals today.

Written by Sophie Furnival Content Specialist @ SherWeb

Sophie is SherWeb's Marketing Communications Strategist.