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Nerdio has upped their game to accommodate businesses of any size with Nerdio for Azure. Recently designated an official Microsoft co-sell partner, Nerdio’s new pricing plans and accompanying platform infrastructure are now available in both Professional and Enterprise editions. This new offering ensures that even the smallest of businesses can use the Nerdio solution to make switching to and running IT on Microsoft cloud easier than ever.

Nerdio’s goal behind the pricing plans

Traditionally, it has been a lengthy, expensive, and complex process to shift an organization from on-premise to the cloud. When it comes to Microsoft Azure, the solution is ideal for organizations that want to go virtual, but when combined with Office 365, there is a level of complexity that makes it challenging to put into play. Nerdio for Azure has removed that complexity by inserting a management layer between the user and Azure that makes setup and implementation easy, less time-consuming, and less expensive.

The goal behind Nerdio’s new pricing plans is simple. They want to make it easier for managed service providers (MSPs) to meet the needs of their customers and still make a decent profit on the sale of IT automation services. Keep in mind that Nerdio for Azure was initially created by a MSP specifically to help them with their use of Microsoft Azure and helping their customers transition to the cloud. With the new plans, MSPs can provide customers with the exact level of Nerdio for Azure that they need for the size and function of their business, with customization available.

As Nerdio’s CEO, Vadim Vladimirskiy, says in a press statement, “We’re making it easy for CSPs to still make a very comfortable profit selling Azure by presenting prospective customers with a plan that suits them to a tee, whether they are large and established or a budding start-up. Azure deployments with all the bells and whistles are perfect for larger companies, while smaller ones will benefit from the packages specifically designed for their growing needs. In all cases, these recommended templates are fully customizable and easily digestible IT packages.”

With this in mind, there are some differences between the Professional and Enterprise editions, each designed to meet then needs of SMBs and larger organizations respectively. Let’s take a look at these differences, beginning with the Professional edition.

Nerdio for Azure Professional

Nerdio for Azure Professional comes in three distinct editions for companies with:

  • 1-5 users
  • 6-15 users
  • 15-25 users

The professional edition of Nerdio for Azure comes with the following features:

  • Out-of-the-box configuration for domain controller, file server, RDS gateway, RDS session host, and packaged templates
  • Infrastructure that includes server, domain, and VPN management; onboarding tools; logs and audit trail; and Azure Reserved Instances
  • User features that include user management, RDS users, O365 user license assignment, and group and shared mailbox management
  • Content and threat filtering security
  • Backup management
  • Partner tools including NFA cost estimator, white labelling, and partner support

Nerdio for Azure Enterprise

Nerdio for Azure Enterprise edition is the ideal solution for large companies with more than 25 users. The Enterprise edition of Nerdio for Azure offers everything the professional edition offers, plus the following:

  • Out-of-the-box configuration that includes ADFS proxy and VDI golden image
  • Infrastructure including Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit, Hybrid active directory, on-ramp regions, RDS collections, and automated notifications
  • VDI and GPU users and AD federation with Office 365
  • Firewall management and 2-factor authentication for both Windows and admin portal login
  • DR management
  • Performance monitoring and intelligent desktop and scheduled server auto-scaling

It’s ideal to meet the more complex needs often associated with large organizations, and as with the professional edition, the enterprise edition can be customized to suit the individual needs of a company.

Leveling the IT cloud playing field

The new pricing plans for Nerdio for Azure levels the playing field, allowing a business of any size to have access to cloud IT services that are provided and supported by their MSPs. Since Nerdio for Azure is designed specifically for use by MSPs, it makes it easy for them to offer easy and fast deployment of cloud IT services in a cost-effective manner. Within just two hours, compared to the two weeks it once took, a business of any size will be up and running on the cloud with a solution that fits their needs perfectly.

For customers that have specific needs and want a customized service, Nerdio has a Cost Estimator on their website. The MSP will answer a series of questions to come up with the precise solution the customer needs to suit their business needs. With this level of cloud IT automation available, the future of cloud IT is here today.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb