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Just a few years ago, organizations were reluctant to adopt a cloud strategy and were debating its merits. Since then, as organizations have realized the importance of deploying a cloud-first strategy to achieve digital transformation goals, cloud adoption has risen exponentially. Helping organizations choose the right cloud solution requires rigorous learning and must involve company stakeholders and reselling partners; the latter play a vital role in facilitating a successful transition to the cloud. Azure certifications are here to help you increase your revenue and grow your business.

The increasing hunger to leverage the cloud on the customer side provides an excellent opportunity for reselling partners to transform their business into a cloud revenue model. The most effective way resellers can earn greater revenues and run a profitable business is by working with the Star Seller program to tip the balance in their favor.

Why Do You Need to Get Azure Certifications for Sales?

Training and certifications are not just for IT professionals. There are several customer-facing non-technical professionals—in particular, reselling partners—who can greatly benefit from cloud training and certifications.

To win more customer deals as a valued Microsoft reseller and become a vital contributor to sales, you’ll need to efficiently pitch Azure cloud solutions to prospective buyers and business decision makers. Thus, as a reseller, you’ll need to have the expertise to handle complex sales discussions about different Azure services and relevant sales scenarios.

An Azure sales certification makes you not only a cloud sales superstar but also a professional eligible for the Microsoft Azure Incentives program. As a reselling partner, you can earn rewards from Microsoft for activating customers with Microsoft-based Azure cloud services.

For instance, if a client tells you that they want to host a particular service in Azure, you need to be knowledgeable about everything that this process involves, as well as any special considerations that need to be taken for the client. Otherwise, they’ll turn to another business for help, and you’ll lose out on potential revenue.

Resellers should have an in-depth understanding of various Azure services to recommend an ideal solution to the client based on their unique situation. To that end, Azure Star Seller webinars will help you sell like a pro.

The Azure Star Seller program is split across three tracks, each consisting of six webinars and a hands-on live session. Each of these webinars is aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of Azure opportunities and their associated cloud services adoption framework. The webinars also help you understand how cloud service partners (CSPs) carry out the entire Azure sales process and pitch for a project to get it approved and reel in sales.

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Earn Recognition with an Azure Star Seller Badge

If you’re a reselling partner and are wondering what it takes to get the Azure certifications, then the Azure Star Seller program is the key to your success—that is, if you want to run a profitable cloud business.

The Azure Star Seller program prepares you for positioning, articulating, and selling Azure cloud services. The program has three tracks: Azure Sales Enablement, Azure Land, and Azure Expand. Each comes with six pre-recorded webinars and a live hands-on session aimed at increasing your Azure sales readiness. The Star program covers the basics of Azure sales fundamentals and core training sessions on cloud and digital transformations. Completing the Azure Star Seller program gives you the qualifications to aim for competency with the Azure cloud platform and increases your odds of growing your hosted revenues. Depending on your score, you will receive one of three star badges.

How to Earn an Azure Sales Star Badge

When you complete the Azure Sales Star certification, you’ll earn a badge that can be linked to your LinkedIn profile, CV, e-portfolio, or personal website to demonstrate that you’re Azure sales certified.

The Star badge is awarded at three different levels based on the completion of the recommended Azure Sales Star webinar series and your certification score based on the acquired skills from the webinar series:

1.     Azure START Seller Certification Badge (One-Star Badge)

This star badge validates your entry-level knowledge of Azure digital transformation and related marketing. The START seller badge showcases your ability to manage basic sales aspects of the Azure environment. A certification score of 50–64 percent makes you eligible to earn this badge.

2.     Azure SMART Seller Certification Badge (Two-Star Badge)

This star badge validates your intermediate expertise in Azure digital transformation and related marketing. The SMART seller badge showcases your ability to manage most sales aspects of the Azure environment. A certification score of 65–79 percent makes you eligible to earn this badge.

3.     Azure SHARK Seller Certification Badge (Three-Star Badge)

This star badge validates your advanced expertise in Azure digital transformation and related marketing. The SHARK seller badge showcases your ability to independently manage sales aspects of the Azure environment. A certification score of 80–100 percent makes you eligible to earn this badge.

Enjoy the Benefits of Partner Incentives by Driving Cloud Adoption

A reselling partner helps customers successfully implement, deploy, manage, and sell solutions based on the Microsoft Azure cloud. After acquiring the Azure STAR seller badge, you’ll enjoy the benefits of adding value to your clients’ Azure cloud subscriptions.

Through the Microsoft Azure Incentives program, Microsoft rewards reselling partners who support cloud-based solutions from the first transaction to deployment and beyond. To become eligible for the program and earn a payout, partners must meet all the eligibility requirements listed on the Microsoft Azure Incentives program page.

With 7000 partners entering the Azure ecosystem each month, 2019 is the best time to earn recognition with an Azure Sales Star badge and gain a competitive edge in propelling cloud sales.

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