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In the past, we have shared the incredible advantages Dynamics 365 offers both partners and Dynamics 365 specialists. These advantages include opportunities for resellers to generate new leads, the fact that MSPs can pick up new clients while keeping the licensing rights and the knowledge that new partners can be trusted because they have been carefully and expertly matched by Sherweb.

This is Sherweb’s Dynamics 365 Partner-to-Partner (P2P) network, and it got its start quite accidentally. Our partner had a customer who had requested Dynamics 365. The problem was the partner wasn’t knowledgeable about customer relationship management (CRM). They didn’t have the required expertise or capacity to provide their customer with what they needed.


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What they did have was a relationship with us, which in turn gave them access to our partners. Being a member of a partner-first environment led them to seek us out. Once we talked with them about their needs, the idea of a Dynamics 365 P2P program blossomed. All we had to do is reach out to our CRM provider, who became the very first Dynamics 365 partner. It came to us so naturally, and this was when the Dynamics 365 P2P program was born.


What makes the Dynamics 365 P2P network a success?

The Dynamics 365 P2P program owes its success to several factors. First and foremost is the cloud. The cloud environment has opened up the digital world, connecting people with ease, and bringing everyone closer together. And this was the foundation of our very first partnership and all that have followed.

That first partnership was incredibly successful. Both partners were happy with the results, although for different reasons. One partner was not only able to keep their customer by providing them with the additional needed services, but they were able to improve that customer relationship by showing that they were there to meet those needs no matter what they were. The program also opened this partner up to helping other customers in the same way. At the same time, the Dynamics 365 partner was able to grow its customer base, which is a goal of any business.

However, this partnership did not happen without some work. We realized early on that to make it happen, we needed to convince both partners that it was in their best interest to team up and work together. The factors that made this possible all come down to the human level:


Trust – Trust is critical for the Dynamics 365 P2P network to succeed. Often, partners do not know each other and have never had experience working together. Normally, this would result in extensive meetings and negotiations just to get to know each other. However, with us as a shared connection, Sherweb was able to act as a liaison, bridging the gap between the two partners.

After all, each partner knows and trusts us, so it’s an easy extension to trust each other. Trusting one another comes from sincerity, honesty, transparency, and successful communication that helps the partnership grow into something fabulous for both parties. Of course, this cannot happen without conversation and negotiation, which brings us to the next factor.


Listening – Partners in any relationship must listen to one another, and it is no different for Dynamics 365 P2P partners. At Sherweb, we approach the partnership based on asking questions and then listening to all parties from the very beginning.

Asking questions is key. It is through asking questions that partners can let each other know what information they need. And as questions are asked, listening to each other ensures that each party is heard. This promotes strong communication because when each partner truly listens to the other’s needs, there is a deeper understanding of each other and a deeper connection.

At the same time, it is crucial for each party to communicate their needs clearly and to maintain an open line of communication at all times. In these situations, over-communication is a good thing. This way, each partner can provide the other with valuable information that will ensure they have a thorough understanding of each other.


Value – The concept of bringing value to customers is intrinsic to running a successful business. The Dynamics 365 P2P network allows Sherweb to bring value to our customers by bringing them together so they can help each other. Without us, they may never have found each other.

The program also allows the partners to bring value to each other and their respective customers. One partner can better help their existing customers by going above and beyond to ensure they have what they need. The other partner has a new customer to grow and bond with, a customer they can perhaps provide services to in another way to enhance their business offerings.

In addition, both partners can bring value to their relationship by sharing interesting and relevant industry information when appropriate. It will help them maintain an understanding of each other’s needs and capabilities and strengthen their partnership so that it has the potential to last for many years.


The future of the Dynamics 365 P2P network

The Dynamics 365 P2P program is still in its infancy. However, it brings to the table all the value Sherweb has to offer, including a network of fantastic partners that can help one another implement Dynamics 365 to suit their individual customer’s needs.

Our goal now is to help the P2P program grow and flourish like we help each of our partners grow and flourish. We will continue to do this by keeping things personal. At the human level, we can reach out to each of our partners and bring partners together in conversation and cooperation. We can also participate in conversations, mediate, and help ensure the project is moving in the right direction. This lays the groundwork for guaranteed success for everyone involved.

For more information on the P2P program, contact us today.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb