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In an era where organizations are seamlessly transitioning to the cloud, the demand for native cloud-based applications has surged. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seek a powerful solution that encompasses crucial features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365: a comprehensive cloud-based application empowering MSPs to deliver robust services to their clients. While Dynamics 365 partners abound, navigating this landscape can be challenging for MSPs seeking the right reseller.

Partnering for success: Dynamics 365 Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Program

Introduced by Sherweb in 2017, the Partner-to-Partner (P2P) program proves invaluable in establishing effective collaborations between Dynamics 365 resellers and MSPs. This partnership sets the stage for configuring Dynamics 365 according to the unique needs of MSP clients, yielding a plethora of benefits.

Dynamics 365 P2P pairing advantages

The P2P arrangement is versatile and scalable, offering many incredible advantages to both Dynamics 365 partners and MSPs. Some of these are unique to the reseller or MSP, and some are shared by both partners.

Reseller benefits

  • Specialized matching: The Dynamics 365 reseller typically deals with two to three specific verticals within the suite of business applications offered by Dynamics 365. Through our P2P program, Sherweb aligns Dynamics 365 resellers with MSPs sharing similar verticals, eliminating uncertainty in partner selection.
  • Lead generation: When a reseller joins the P2P program, they are provided with approximately four new leads per year, sourced from MSP partners or direct requests, fostering a continuous stream of opportunities. The only limit to what the reseller can provide is determined by a specific MSP partner’s capacity.
  • Pre-scoped quality leads: When the reseller can work with MSPs that share similar specialties, it brings increased opportunities to sell and upsell the Dynamics 365 application. All leads undergo meticulous pre-scoping, ensuring relevance to the reseller’s expertise and capacity. At Sherweb, we scope for:
    • The type of project, to ensure the MSP partner is a good match
    • The specific needs of the partner, to ensure the reseller can meet those needs
    • The scale of the project
  • Smooth transition: When switching from Microsoft CSP to Sherweb, a reseller may experience a marginal loss. However, this loss is insignificant and quickly overshadowed when compared with the gains made by the advantages of working with Sherweb.
  • Expertise and support: Leveraging our company’s experience, resellers benefit from tailored support, enhancing collaboration and boosting success rates.

Sherweb’s pre-scoping of partners is just one of the benefits why resellers trust Sherweb. Add to this Sherweb’s experience and expertise working with partners, and you have a winning combination.

Partners with Sherweb will enjoy:

  • User-friendly access: Partners enjoy seamless access to licensing and provisioning through a single, user-friendly portal.
  • Comprehensive support: Access to unparalleled sales, pre-sales, and technical support, backed by highly skilled technicians and architects who can help you work through complex issues.
  • Training resources: Access to hundreds of training resources facilitate organizational growth, aiding in the seamless shift to digital operations.
  • Strategic toolbox: A toolbox encompassing everything needed for top-quality sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Tiered pricing structure: A flexible pricing structure allows partners to start at a level matching their business size and scale as they grow.

MSP advantages

  • Tailored Dynamics 365 offering: MSPs can rely on the P2P program to partner with a reseller capable of tailoring Dynamics 365 to their clients’ needs, ensuring a win-win for both parties. The partners work closely together to ensure the client is well taken care of. The MSP gets to keep the client and the licensing rights, and the reseller gets the service fee.

It is important to note that this partnership works on a gentlemen’s agreement. Partners are expected to respect this agreement and can be removed from the program if they do not.

Mutual benefits

Aside from the fact that both resellers and MSPs can rest assured they are matched with a Dynamics 365 partner that suits their needs, they will enjoy a few other advantages with the P2P program.

  • Onboarding excellence: The onboarding process involves a thorough assessment of each partner’s business, identifying growth opportunities and paving the way for mutual success.
  • VIP status: VIP status with Sherweb provides partners with an account manager, access to the entire partner network, and accelerated business growth.
  • Dynamic expansion: The partnership allows for the effective expansion of skillsets, enhancing the overall capabilities of both reseller and MSP. And a better relationship between partners than may be attainable should the reseller and MSP try and work together under different circumstances.

How P2P Works for Dynamics 365 Partners

The P2P program allows all stakeholders to maximize investments in Dynamics 365. Sherweb has over 7,000 MSP customers, creating a wealth of business opportunities.

The process for matching partners and setting up a working relationship is straightforward:

  • When an MSP wants Dynamics 365, Sherweb locates a suitable reseller to partner with and helps establish a connection between potential partners.
  • Once the reseller is in contact with the MSP, they work together to set up the service structure so the MSP’s client can access Dynamics 365.
  • Sherweb monitors the P2P pairing to ensure each partner is fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • The MSP maintains the recurring licensing rights and the customer. They work with the reseller to determine how the customer will be billed and whether the reseller will be paid a finder’s fee or benefit from a markup on the service.

Uncovering more opportunities with Dynamics 365 CloudAscent

CloudAscent, an integral part of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, acts as a catalyst for uncovering new business opportunities. It provides partners with a dynamic platform to explore, discover and capitalize on emerging trends in the cloud landscape.

In a landscape where it is a critical time for MSPs to embrace full cloud-based solutions and offer the best of Dynamics 365, Sherweb’s P2P program coupled with Microsoft’s CloudAscent proves to be a highly effective solution.

For more information on how the P2P program can transform your Dynamics 365 journey, contact us now.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb