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Let’s face it. You wouldn’t be an independent cloud reseller if you didn’t want to run your own show. But, imagine what you could achieve with a little help!

We know how tough it can be to juggle things like technical support and billing, plus stay up to date on all the latest cloud solutions. That’s why we’d like to tell you about our partner program and how we make it easier for resellers like you to do business in the cloud.

We don’t have to tell you that the market for cloud services is booming. In fact, new research from Gartner has shown that global cloud revenue is expected to reach $331.2 billion US by 2022. Gartner also predicted that in the same period, companies will devote up to 28 per cent of their cloud budgets on cloud-related services, such as consulting, migration and managed services.

A tailored approach

Are you still running a break-fix operation? This is a great opportunity to get the tools you need to make the transition to an MSP and expand your product offering. On the other hand, If you’re already an MSP, Sherweb can help you be even more successful by creating an approach that is tailored to your specific needs.

Here are 3 ways Sherweb’s partner program can help you reduce costs and boost profits.

  1. White-label services
  2. Powerful integrated tools
  3. Exclusive partner benefits

1. White-label services

One of the advantages of joining a partner program is that you can rely on the cloud provider for help. Rather than struggle to provide your own technical support, migrate your customers’ data or even close a complex deal, you can use our white-label Valet services.

White-label technical support

You have to ask yourself. Can you really afford to offer your customers 24/7 technical support? You’d need a minimum of 7 agents to cover all the shifts and you’d have to generate enough revenue to pay them. Are you ready to make that kind of investment? On the other hand, Sherweb’s technical support team is based in North America and will handle your customers’ requests 24/7/365 in both English and French. They’ll offer your customers VIP support from a branded, unique white-label phone number and email address. Your customers will never know they’re dealing with an outside party.

White-label migration services

Our expert team will migrate your customers’ data according to the schedule you set. You’ll have access to migration tools and licensing. Our technicians have migrated more than 50,000 businesses from virtually every platform. You choose the time and our team will adapt to your schedule. Your clients will be up and running in less than a week with no data loss or downtime.

White-label pre-sales

Need help to close a complex deal? Talk to one of our pre-sales engineers. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about project sizing, setup and migration. We’ll also provide remote assistance for business value propositions, Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, technical licensing and more. Hiring this kind of expertise would normally cost you $75K-$125K a year! Count on our solutions architects to walk you through your customer’s scenario and suggest the right answers to their technical issues. Your clients will feel more confident knowing you can respond to their needs!

Offer your customers a VIP experience!

2. Powerful integrated tools

How much time do you spend billing your customers every month? Imagine if you had an automated billing platform that would allow you to manage your products and organizations and bill your customers from one simple location! Our PSA (Professional Services Automation) integration tools, such as ConnectWise and Autotask, will streamline your billing processes so you can reduce billing errors and eliminate repetitive manual tasks. Link important transactions to the rest of your business activities right from our partner portal. This is just another way we help you simplify the way you work so you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Find out how simple it is to sell cloud solutions with our PSA integrations.

3. Exclusive partner benefits

As we mentioned earlier, growing your business is easy when you have access to the right tools. Our partner program will help resellers like you be more successful with our value-added services. As your business grows, you can unlock preferential pricing and get access to special programs and benefits. We offer four specific benefit tiers based on your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR):

  • Standard
  • Preferred & Premium
  • Elite & Gold Elite
  • Platinum Elite

Some of the benefits include access to our Self-Service Portal, partner resources such as onboarding services, online training, a dedicated account manager, a lead generation program and consultation services for the Microsoft Partner Network.

Find out more about our partner benefits!

3 more reasons

Still wondering if Sherweb is the right partner for your business? Here are 3 more reasons to choose us as your value-added cloud solutions provider:

  1. We’ll help you save time. We have all the experts and tools you need to onboard a new product and go to market as quickly as possible.
  2. You’ll help you save money on HR costs. We’ll put an entire team of cloud experts by your side so you won’t have to worry about hiring new staff for pre-sales, marketing, technical support and account management.
  3. We’ll help you grow your business. Did we mention that our partner program is free? We’ll teach you how to attract more clients, become a product specialist and be a better MSP.

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb