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The new Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) is here and ready for you to accept! All organizations participating in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program are obligated to accept the new agreement in the Microsoft Partner Center by January 31, 2020, or otherwise you will no longer be able to transact (i.e. add new subscriptions or add seats to existing subscriptions) in the CSP program.

As an indirect provider in the CSP program, Sherweb is committed to guiding its partners and resellers through this process. Keep reading for more information about the new MPA, what resellers need to do to comply and frequently asked questions.

The new MPA

The new MPA replaces and consolidates several previous Microsoft agreements, such as the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA), the Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA), the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement Multi-Tier Amendment, the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement for US Government Cloud and the Terms and Conditions Agreement for the Indirect Reseller.

Microsoft updated its partner agreement for a few different reasons:

  • To give Microsoft partners an easy and digital way to accept a core set of perpetual terms, thereby simplifying the overall contracting procedure
  • To clarify roles, rights and responsibilities with regards to regulatory requirements that Microsoft and its partners must adhere to
  • To facilitate transparency and compliant business practices for Microsoft and its partner network

As mentioned above, the MPA applies to any organization participating in the CSP program. This includes Sherweb as an indirect provider and partners that resell Microsoft CSP products through Sherweb’s own partner program.

What Sherweb partners need to do

There are certain actions Sherweb CSP partners must take in order to accept the new MPA. Please note that the specific number of actions to be taken can depend on the partner’s individual relationship with Microsoft. But don’t worry—we’ll cover what’s involved for each key scenario.

Key steps for Sherweb partners that resell Microsoft products

#1 Join the Microsoft Partner Network

Note: If your organization has already joined the Microsoft Partner Network and already has a Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID), skip this step.

Accepting the new MPA requires partners to access Microsoft’s Partner Center. In order to do this, you must join the Microsoft Partner Network and obtain an MPN ID.

Your organization can join the Microsoft Partner Network by visiting the Microsoft partner page and signing up online.

Curious about the benefits of having an MPN ID? Check out this on-demand session!

#2 Enroll as a CSP indirect reseller in the Microsoft Partner Center

Note: If your organization has already enrolled as a CSP Indirect Reseller, skip this step.

If your company is an indirect reseller in the Microsoft CSP program via Sherweb, you will need to enroll as a CSP Indirect Reseller in the Microsoft Partner Center. This is because all partners will accept the new MPA within the Partner Center; as such, all partners need to have access to the interface.

You can begin enrollment and the process of on-boarding to the Microsoft Partner Centre via the enrollment page. Note that there will be a confirmation procedure involved with enrolling in the Microsoft Partner Network, and that accepting the terms of enrollment is separate from accepting the terms of the MPA.

#3 Review and accept the MPA in the Microsoft Partner Center

Once your organization is enrolled as a CSP Indirect Reseller within the Microsoft Partner Center, you’ll then be able to accept the MPA.

If you’re setting up everything at the same time—on-boarding to the Partner Center, enrolling as a CSP Indirect Reseller and accepting the new MPA—you will be prompted to accept the MPA as a final step in the Microsoft Partner Center on-boarding process. If this is the case, congratulations! You’ve completed the process, accepted the updated agreement, and are free to go about your business as usual.

If not—meaning that the only step your organization had to take was agreeing to the MPA—simply log in to the Partner Center to get started. Navigate to “View your partner profile”, under the “Partner account” menu on the Partner Center dashboard. The MPA will be available to view and agree to on your partner profile page. Once you’ve indicated your acceptance, congratulations! The process is now complete.

MPA acceptance deadline: Jan. 31, 2020

All partners in Microsoft’s CSP program (including indirect partners through Sherweb’s partner program) must accept the new MPA before Jan. 31, 2020.

If the MPA is not accepted by that date, your organization will not be able to transact (i.e. add new subscriptions or add seats to existing subscriptions) regarding the CSP program. You will, however, still be able to administer existing subscriptions and users.

If the MPA is still not accepted by Aug. 31, 2020, your organization will be off-boarded from Microsoft’s CSP program. Even if your organization resells CSP products indirectly through Sherweb, it will no longer be able to log new transactions or administer services for existing clients.

In the unfortunate circumstance that your organization is off-boarded from the CSP, you will need to complete the steps above again, and re-enroll as a new indirect reseller in Microsoft’s CSP program. To avoid this, we strongly advise all Sherweb partners to follow the steps outlined above and accept the updated MPA before Jan. 31, 2020.

Additional resources and FAQs

Listed below are additional resources from Microsoft regarding the new Microsoft Partner Agreement. As your indirect CSP provider, the Sherweb team is also here to help you navigate the process; ask us for help by contacting your dedicated account manager or by reaching out to us at

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb