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Pre-sales serves to help partners position their offerings and win clients. Pre-sales functions include a variety of different activities, from handling customer objections to creating custom solutions to suit specific scenarios.

You might be too busy to go through the complicated process of opening a ticket or finding the right contact to answer your question. You might also be so used to big box distribution—that doesn’t know how to support what they sell—that the concept of pre-sales is completely new to you. That’s OK!

At Sherweb, pre-sales supports partners in three key areas: best practices, technical knowledge and advice and solution engineering.

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What is pre-sales?

Sherweb’s pre-sales team is an integral part of its mission to support partners and help them grow their business. They provide technical and sales enablement, break down business barriers and source new solutions to drive partner success.

Pre-sales’ efforts are greatly appreciated both internally and externally, and the team regularly receives heaps of praise for their diligence, problem solving and ingenuity. Partners use words like “amazing,” “awesome” and “phenomenal” to describe them.

However, we realize that unless you’ve had the pleasure of working with pre-sales already, you might not actually know what the team does. Who are these mysterious people helping our partners be successful, and what can they do for you?

Allow us to clear things up.

1. Best practices

The pre-sales team has seen it all. Well-versed in change management, our solution architects navigate complicated migration and onboarding issues with ease, and know the right sales plays to get you to the goal line. They understand the strategies required for positioning products, seeing them through the sales cycle, and enabling partners to repeat the process.

2. Technical knowledge and advice

Sherweb’s pre-sales department represents the company’s subject matter experts on all things related to the cloud. They know our product portfolio inside and out, and consult with partners on what products, solutions and services are right for them and their clients.

With that said, however, solution architects on the pre-sales team also work to increase their breadth of expertise whenever possible. They frequently share knowledge with partners both in Sherweb’s own network and throughout the channel.

“The Sherweb subject matter experts have been very instrumental for us because they provide an extension of our expertise that we don’t have internally. So, when we get into larger opportunities, whether it’s with Dynamics or Azure, Sherweb is very helpful in providing and filling that gap.”

–Rob Cunningham, Solutions Architect Manager, 3Points


3. Solution engineering

Seeking out top-quality cloud solutions and products that partners need to be productive, effective and competitive is another key area covered by pre-sales. Solution architects also help partners implement those new products in their own offerings.

Responding to customer concerns and objections is a significant part of this process. Extremely familiar with the value of every product in Sherweb’s portfolio, the pre-sales team knows how to bypass roadblocks, address client concerns and identify opportunities to help partners grow.

“We’ve leveraged the Sherweb pre-sales teams in a variety of ways. One such example was when we had a customer looking to move to the Azure cloud for the first time from their on-premise infrastructure–the pre-sales team helped us create a transition path for that customer that included Azure infrastructure diagrams, as well as pricing.”

–Noorez Khamis, VP of Technology, Creospark


Did we mention pre-sales saves you time and money?

Leveraging Sherweb’s pre-sales team for expertise and tailored solutions is extremely valuable on its own. But when you consider how much that same expertise would cost outside of a Sherweb partnership, the savings represent another layer of value altogether.

For example, a cloud solution architect’s salary can cost more than $100,000 a year. A Sherweb partnership—which allows businesses to take advantage of pre-sales services—is free. And instead of spending time looking for someone with the right expertise, our architects are already savvy about the products partners need, plus tactics and strategies for profiting from them.
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With all that said, we hope we’ve clarified the great work pre-sales does for Sherweb partners, and the immense value they provide for our partnerships.

If you’re a current Sherweb partner and you want to get acquainted with the pre-sales team, contact your account manager today! If you’re not yet a partner and you want to explore the opportunity further, check out our Partner Guide or sign up now ↗. With Sherweb as your trusted cloud provider, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb