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It doesn’t matter what array of services or solutions you use; email is without a doubt one of the most important communication tools businesses use on a regular basis. Spreadsheets, reports, collaboration and project management solutions are all affected if your email goes down. The future of all work—especially remote and hybrid work—is only making email more essential for day-to-day operations. Having a plan to protect and back up email data is critical.

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3 major reasons businesses need to back up email

It should be common knowledge that businesses of all sizes need to archive and back up email data securely. But for anyone still unconvinced, three big reasons to start with would be data recovery, compliance and security.

Data and file recovery

There are all kinds of ways for files to be lost or deleted, including but certainly not limited to natural disasters, cyberattacks or just plain human error. The impact of any of these can be devastating, especially for small businesses who may not have the means and resources to respond.

Data loss or theft doesn’t have to be something out of a cyber espionage thriller, either. Incidents like disgruntled employees or unknown actors can be factors as well.  Even an accident such as someone deleting or misplacing an important email thread means it could be unrecoverable—if your provider isn’t prepared.

Yes, you read correctly. Even big providers like Microsoft don’t have you fully covered when it comes to email backup. Office 365 apps only back up deleted files for up to 30 days. Microsoft file sharing apps like SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams aren’t backed up at all without specific enterprise licenses. Fortunately, third-party solutions exist to help businesses ensure their email is backed up and that it can be restored in case of disaster.

Legal and compliance issues

Businesses face an increasing amount of regulation and oversight. Functional email backup with eDiscovery and compliance features are an absolute must in heavily-regulated industries—healthcare, government, financial services, etc.—that regularly handle sensitive information.

If compliance is burdensome non-compliance can be catastrophic, and many SMBs aren’t equipped to weather a lengthy audit process and subsequent consequences. To make matters worse, many SMBs aren’t even aware of all the regulations that may affect them. In this regard, email backup and archiving can be an act of legal preservation.

As a solution provider, you can educate your clients about the risks of non-compliance to help avoid costly fines and other repercussions. You’re also well-positioned to advise clients about products and services that keep them in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.


We all know a story about this phishing scam or that malware attack. The number of ransomware and other cyberattacks on businesses of all industries are increasing in prevalence as well as their effectiveness to cause major disruption.

  • 53% of U.S. businesses were attacked in the past year
  • 72% of businesses spent $5,000+ to respond to attacks
  • 38% of hacked businesses spent more than $50,000 to respond
  • 10% spent $100,000 to $250,000
  • 7% spent more than $250,000
Source: Dropsuite white paper, Why MSPs Should Offer Cloud Backup and Archiving for Office 365 

With proper backup and archiving in place, businesses can take meaningful steps towards protecting themselves from malicious activity. Protecting your email data is just one part of the cybersecurity puzzle, but it is arguably one of the most crucial.

Secure your business, avoid storage limitations and back up email with Dropsuite

Dropsuite is a market leading, cloud-based email data protection solution that helps managed service providers (MSPs) deliver secure, scalable backup and archiving for clients’ email data. For the cost of a cup of coffee each month, a company’s email files, calendars, attachments and tasks can be protected against the threat of ransomware, accidental data loss or sabotage.

Dropsuite also fills backup performance gaps in services like Microsoft 365, which doesn’t back up deleted emails for more than 90 days. It gives you uninterrupted backup coverage in the cloud, with unlimited storage and retention. Additionally, providers can access advanced analytics capabilities and actionable insights to improve clients’ operations and security practices.

Whether you’re an SMB looking for email backup solutions or an MSP seeking security solutions for clients, Dropsuite delivers practical features and functionality to keep your email safe. Want to learn more? Send us a message! You can also explore our Partner Guide to see how Sherweb can help your business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb